Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems (MIS) Department provides data and computer services to all schools and departments within the Highlands County School System. The M.I.S. Department also maintains the record management system for the school district. Utilizing sophisticated computer programs and high-speed equipment, M.I.S. staff members scan, store, file, and retrieve archived staff and student records.

The Instructional staff serves at the school level assisting administrators, teachers and students working to help integrate technology into lessons and maximize learning in the digital age.

More specific information regarding the services offered by the MIS Department may be obtained by contacting the Department at (863) 471-5684.

Director of MIS - Darrell Layfield

Technical Personnel

Technical Manager - Harry Howes

Network Manager - Sam Velez

Computer Technicians

    • Juan C. Alvarez
    • Benjamin Bustin
    • Chris Hulburt
    • Ronald VonColln

Computer Techncian/Help Desk - Richard Percy

Network Cable Installers

    • Ezequiel Acosta
    • Eric Dale

Database Personnel

Staff/Finance/Student Database Manager - Barbara Lancaster

Database Assistance for Staff/Finance - Thea Collins

Data Operations Technicians

    • Office - Lillian Todd
    • Staff/Finance - Sharon Grimes
    • Staff/Finance - Pam Miller
    • Student - Ashley Rowe
    • Student - Maureen Panchenko

Instructional Personnel

District Instructional Technology Resource Teachers

    • Ian Belanger
    • Kim Douberly
    • David Irwin
    • Linda Hernandez
    • Whitney McGee
    • Annie Noethlich
    • Summer Laye
    • Lindsey Johnson

Media Specialists

    • Dan Fantin
    • Pam Lieske
    • Cheryl McGovern

Clerk - Shannon Simpson