Susan Simon, LCSW-R

Hello - My name is Ms. Susan Simon and I am a NYS licensed Clinical Social Worker. As the Elementary School Social Worker I serve as the connection between the school, parents and community agencies and resources. On a daily basis the social worker communicates with teachers, parents and support staff, nurses, and administrators. Our school/home connection promotes academic, social and emotional well being and success.

The social worker provides individual and group counseling to assist students in the following areas :

. Stress reduction/ Management

. Adjustment to a new school/Neighborhood

. Crisis Intervention

. Communication/Social Skills

. Conflict Mediation/Problem Solving

. Illness / Self and or family Members

. Bereavement/Grief

. Divorce/Separation

. Substance Abuse/Prevention

Ms. Simon provides In Class Workshops/Presentations to address the following topics :

. Bully Prevention Strategies

. Problem Solving Skills/ Social Skills/Friendship Skills

. Character Education/Empathy Skills

. Verbal/Non Verbal Communication Skills

. Safety Skills

Ms. Simon is available to address all issues and concerns pertaining to our students.

East Street, Old Country Road, Fork Lane, Woodland , Burns Avenue Elementary Schools