Mrs. Gambill

Math and Science Teacher

Mrs. Grimes

Reading and Social Studies Teacher

Third Grade Rocks!!!

Contact Information


Phone: 828-327-3491

Contact Information


Phone: 828-327-3491

In third grade math you will become an expert on such topics as  multiplication, area and perimeter, fractions, geometry, and other very interesting topics in math!  I expect you to come to class ready to learn and participate.  Homework is extremely important so I know you are practicing at home and getting better each day.  You will see that you can do hard things and you can master math! You will also learn science in my class!  I am so excited to teach you math and science this year!

I am so excited to be teaching Reading and Social Studies to our third graders this year!  We will all be embarking on a new literacy program that every elementary student in our district will be using!  I am looking forward to seeing you everyday in my room.  We will be reading many different kinds of text that will help improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.  GET READY TO READ!!!!

2023-2024 Daily Schedule

8:30-8:35- Announcements- breakfast must be completed by 8:35

8:35-9:55- Rotation 1- Math for Gambill, Reading for Grimes

9:55-11:10- Rotation 2- Reading for Gambill, Math for Grimes

11:15-11:50- Lunch  Grimes 11:15 -11:45, Gambill 11:20-11:50

11:50- 12:20- Recess

12:25-12:55- Science for Gambill, Social Studies for Grimes

12:55-1:25- Social Studies for Gambill, Science for Grimes

1:30-2:20- Intervention

2:25-3:15- Specials  

Gambill's Class Specials Rotations- Day 1- Library, Day 2- Miscellaneous, Day 3- PE, Day 4- Art, Day 5 - Music

Grimes's Class Special Rotations- Day 1- Miscellaneous, Day 2- PE, Day 3- Art, Day 4- Music, Day 5- Library

3:20 Dismissal