Wolfpack 7th Grade

Dr. Michael S. Galit (Science and Social studies)

Grandview Middle School


This is Dr. Galit's 13th year in public education, having taught 11 years at Maiden Middle School, and now this is his second year at Grandview! Dr. Galit has also been teaching at local colleges for the past 14 years (Anatomy and physiology, Microbiology, and also General Biology)! Prior to his career in teaching, Dr. Galit was a Chiropractor for almost 19 years, and was also a Brain research scientist at Rockefeller University in NYC for almost 2 years! Dr. Galit has the equivalent of 3 undergraduate degrees (Biology, Psychology, and Sociology), a M. S. in Biology with concentrations in Microbiology and Electron Microscopy, and also a Doctorate of Chiropractic! Dr. Galit has 2 amazing daughters (20 and 16), loves to garden, wrestle, and write poetry! Dr. Galit is the Head wrestling coach, and also assistant coach for soccer and baseball!

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