Dr. Calandra Davis


Doctorate of Education, South Carolina State University - 2018

Educational Specialist, Appalachian State University - 2008

Master of Education, Clemson University - 2004

Bachelor of Arts in English, Clemson University - 1993


Dear Jenkins Families,

Jenkins Elementary School is a family, not related by blood but by common goals, common experiences, and the desire to care for the children of the community while concurrently caring for each other. If I were to illustrate it, I would depict it as a family tree rooted in the community and growing in excellence!

Every good arborist knows a tree must be nurtured. If properly nourished, the tree will grow to its full potential and indeed bear fruit – well educated students who are globally competitive, a happy staff that is simultaneously challenged and fulfilled by the work, a community of involved business partners and parents that is pleased with the level of care and quality of education its children receive, etc.

As principal, I will nurture the Jenkins Elementary School Family as I work to gain your trust and acceptance through transparency, shared-decision making, consistency, accessibility, humility, open communication, and respect. Each stakeholder is a valued part of the Jenkins Elementary School Family. My work is to ensure everyone feels that value and understands that no specific family member or part of the tree takes precedence over the other. Rather, it is our collective effort that makes us strong, sustains us, and enables us to bear fruit.

Thus, I look forward to working with each of you throughout the school year! It is a blessing and an honor to be a bobcat!


Calandra Davis

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