Mr. Natale and family doing what they love the most - getting outside in nature.

Hickman Middle School Science 2018/2019

Welcome to Science at Hickman Middle School, where learning science is about doing science, about experiencing science. As we continue to implement the Next Generation Science Standards, the emphasis will be on taking chances, thinking critically, making decisions based on what we know at the moment, and learning from our inevitable missteps. Just like most parents have invariably told their young charges at one time or another, the best way to learn in life is to make a few mistakes along the way. Along with experience comes learning...especially when roadblocks are met and successfully traversed. But there won't be success at every turn for every student at exactly the same time. We learn differently, at different paces and by different means. There will always be a level of uncertainty...this is the nature of the world of science. New information, new evidence and new experiences continually put "old" thinking to the test. I hope this is the case with the students of Hickman Middle School this and every year, who are bound to come with their own understandings of how things work. I want them to see themselves as pioneers in their own way, and to be able to confidently seek answers to their questions. Middle School is a indeed a frontier; and I am excited to be the guide through that frontier for these sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

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