SHINE Youth:

The focus of the SHINE youth group at Hickman Heights is to help adolescents grow and mature into a spirit of Christian service as they find their purposes within God's plan. Activities are typically designed to promote compassion, cooperation, and a deeper understanding of Biblical principles. Spiritual growth sessions that are specifically relevant to teens take place on Sunday mornings during the same time as adult spiritual growth classes, and there are also occasional meetings regarding service projects after the regular worship service. All interested individuals in grade six and above are welcome to join the group.

Outreach Efforts:

Working for the neighbors in Florida

Serving others in Florida

Presenting a Sunday service at Live Oak Baptist Church

Serving at Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, Illinois

Ministering to others about Christ in Africa

Visiting schools in Africa

Leading the preschool Hanging Rock Camp

Delivering to Christmas families

Painting faces at Good Times at Hanging Rock

Raking leaves at Hope Springs