Connect + Engage + Activate

Connect with your local community by effectively using big data and digital tools to refine and integrate your strategic communications. Engage your constituents by integrating your "high tech" online presence and "high touch" door knocking and direct mail to fully leverage the impact of your communication efforts to activate your supporters.

The Smartphone Revolution

Smartphones, like iPhones and Android devices, have fundamentally changed how and where we consume information. They account for about 70% of website traffic when referred from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Learn how to communicate in more effective ways so your message is seen, understood and shared by your supporters throughout community.

Right Info, Right Time, Right Place

People older than 55 is the fastest age group joining the social media revolution. Voting turnout among this age group is high. Oftentimes, most of the influential members of your community are in this age group. Unfortunately, they are often disconnected from traditional communications. Learn how to empower this influential group to share and promote your positive message.