A podcast of Nebraska High School Sports History

Season Two first episode: The West Dodge Nomads- Boys Town football

Season Two episode #4: Ghost Conference

Season Two first episode dropping on August 26.

Some ideas I am exploring for season two:

  • Boys Town football and their national travels
  • Football in 1957: the year of Sputnik
  • School year 1981-1982
  • The failed Quin-Cities conference in 1963-1964
  • The Central Conference and its greatest athletes
  • School year 1993-1994
  • The huge 1926 state basketball tournament and its controversial aftermath
  • Arguments over night football in Omaha in 1947
  • several other topics

Season One: You can still listen

Of course, season one of the podcast is still available for people who want to catch up or re-listen. You can find it in several places: