School Professional Learning

In order to successfully improve the integration of ICT, as well as the new Digital Technologies curriculum, to enhance teaching and learning I am able to offer a range of professional learning options:

  • small group teams (learning can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a team, e.g. Grade 1&2 teachers, office staff or Learning Support Officers)
  • whole staff (can be useful when beginning implementation of GSuite or for a focus that is applicable to all staff members, e.g. enhancing literacy with ICT)
  • one-on-one modeled lessons (in conjunction with the classroom teacher, I can plan a lesson that I will teach his/her class whilst the teacher observes/co-teaches)
  • one-on-one with your school's ICT leader (in order to strengthen their skills in administration and management of GSuite, Chromebooks and broader ICT planning)
  • whole school custom PD (school closure day), all sessions planned with school leadership to ensure maximum value
  • parent information session for GSuite &/or Digital Technologies (an essential stakeholder in any school is the parents and keeping them informed along the journey is highly recommended)
  • leadership team & ICT leader to plan for 1:1 Chromebooks

Costs available on application

Full Day (School Day + Staff Meeting)

Staff Meeting PLT (90min)

GSuite for Education Parent Information Session (60min)

Full Day Whole School Closure

ICT Edu Services