Wildcat Athletics

Program Overview

Holy Family Catholic Academy is committed to providing a co-educational athletic program that promotes the health, wellbeing, and development of our young student-athletes. We participate in the Catholic School League (CSL) & the Christian School League (CSAL). These leagues are a competitive after-school sports program for grades 4-8.

Catholic School League Philosophy

The Catholic School League believes in the extended education of youth through a Christian- oriented sports program. This program is a continued development of a conscious active Christian attitude of sportsmanship like conduct on the part of the youth and all who are a part of the development and extension of this league both on and off the field of play.

Christian School Athletic League Philosophy

The goal of the Christian School Athletic League is to give students the chance to compete against other schools in athletic activities. Good sportsmanship and the display of Christian values are expected of every player, coach, parent, and school official in the Christian School Athletic League (CSAL). Win-Loss records will not be published thus a league champion will not be determined. League Handbook

League Objectives

  • To aid the schools in the total development of the student-athlete by providing an atmosphere of a “Christ-like” attitude. (Model behavior on the part of coaches, referees, parents, and principals)

  • To integrate this conduct with knowledge and skill in the area of athletics

  • To encourage and promote this attitude of Christian behavior in the field of athletics.

  • Girls CSAL Volleyball League (Grades 4-5)

Season: October-November

  • Boys CSAL Volleyball League (Grades 4-5)

Season: January-February

  • Boys and Girls CSL Division I Volleyball (Grades 5-8)

Season: TBD

  • Boys and Girls Volleyball Skills Clinic (3-8)

Season: September 13 - October 28

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  • Girls CSAL Basketball League (Grades 4-5)

Season: February-May

  • Boys CSAL Basketball League (Grades 4-5)

Season: August-October

  • Boys and Girls Division II Basketball (Grades 5-6 only)

Season: TBD

  • Boys and Girls Division I Basketball (Grades 7-8)

  • Season: TBD

  • Boys and Girls Basketball Skills Clinic (3-8)

Season: TBD

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  • Cheerleading (Grades 4-8)

Season: TBD

  • DI Track & Field (Grades 4-8)

Season: January-February

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