Herricane medical care corporation is a commercial company which provides medical services for the PACS systems (iPACS: Herricane Medical, Taiwan), 3D post-processing imaging workstations (CASIS: Casis Medical, France; OLEA SPHERE: Olea Medical, France; ATTRACTIVE: Pixspace, Japan & QUIBIM PRECISION: Quibim, Spain) and automatic burning machines with CD/DVD labeling (MiRAGE, America). We also have cloud solutions (iPACS & QUIBIM) and 3D printing solutions.


iPACS system is an excellent and self-developed imaging management tool for medical images. It could support every kind of modalities such as: CR, DR, CT, MR, US, 2D/3D mammo, SR, Endoscopy...). The most special features for iPACS system are highly compatible for 3D tomographic images (CTO, BTO, SCO), DICOM RT and DICOM ECG.

  • iPACS System login page.
  • Interface of iPACS Imaging System Viewer.
  • 2) OLEA SPHERE: CE Marked & FDA Clear (K152602)

Olea Sphere is an ultra-outstanding qualitative & quantitative imaging software in the world. There are many CT& MR plug-ins (modules) can be utilized to assist doctors and researchers to predict and identify tumors more clearly and accurately for clinical purposes. FDA and CE clear.

  • Olea Sphere: Quantitative analysis (Stroke) for MRI images.

PIXSPCE is a young but energetic& potential company. They have developed and designed many specific functionalities for qualitative and quantitative analysis for clinical use no matter for human or for animals, such as ASL, IVIM, BD Score and so on.

  • PIXSPACE: BD Score quantitative analysis tool for bone meta.
  • 4) QUIBIM PRECISION: CE Marked & ISO13485 & FDA Pending (K173712)

QUIBIM Precision® is a web application software for the visualization and non-invasive analysis of medical images compliant with the DICOM standard and running on any computer.

QUIBIM Precision® consists of a highly modular platform based on a plug-in oriented architecture. Different analysis modules are embedded into the platform as applications allowing the medical image quantitative analysis in different clinical applications, such as bone analysis, liver tissue, oncology, lung and brain diseases. The platform is interoperable with most of healthcare systems through DICOM communications protocol.

  • 5) CASIS: CE Marked & ISO13485

QIR - Quantified Imaging Resource is a medical device, class IIa (EU classification), CE marked. It includes 4 modules: a Viewer, study of the cardiac function, study of infarcted myocardium (DE MRI), and study of the aorta. QIR is designed for fast accurate cardiovascular MRI analysis to improve medical diagnosis. It is designed to be robust, and easy to use.


Anim’Heart is a software dedicated to small animal cardiac MRI image analysis.

1. Cardiac Viewer

2. Cardiac function

  • 7) RIMAGE

Rimage disc publishing systems produce optical media with customized content and durable color or monochrome labels. In combination with our software solutions, Rimage systems can be tailored to any volume and workflow requirements. Whether you need a single front-office printer or a fully networked, robust publishing system, count on Rimage for a perfect fit for your printing, publishing, and archiving needs.


We possess two imaging cloud solutions. One is our iPACS SYSTEM; while the other is QUIBIM PRECISION. If you would like to know more about our cloud solutions, please go to visit the product introduction pages.


We start to cooperate with veterinarians and professors to do some researches and provide the 3D printing service in 2018.