Business Rules & IT

JBoss Drools/Workbench, jBPM & Optaplanner

Strong of long experience with Business Oriented and Business Process technologies, our skills will meet your requirements.


Enable your Business Rules to deal with 3rd party agencies data in combination with your internal data, by using tools such as Apache Camel.

Software development

Java & OpenSource worlds are sliding edges. Continuous learning & teaching is our way of living. We can also make it yours.

Projects and outsourcing

We can participate in small and big projects and in each project step from requirements to complete project realization and integration in your IT.

About Us

Pymma Software has been created for enabling companies to work with Business Rules & Processes in combination with their own Information Systems.

Experiences have proven that Heavy & complex Business logic cannot be trusted by raw Java programs, which become more and more complex in term of improvement and maintainability. At the end the whole application itself has to be trashed and written again.

Keys to success are based on well known open source tools.

We are a small company where each member has the opportunity to work on new technical subjects and is in permanent knowledge learning.

  • Java/JavaEE
  • Spring boot & cloud
  • Rule Engine
  • ESB/SOA engines
  • Drools platform
  • Drools OptaPlanner

  • Drools/Guvnor/BRMS
  • Apache Camel
  • Cloud/Docker
  • Puppet/Ansible
  • OpenShift/Kubernetes