This site allows students/parents/guardians to view assignments and projects due as well as students’ performance in each class including homework, class work, tests, and quizzes. Students/parents/guardians will be able to view progress reports from teachers, transcripts and graduation eligibility status and attendance in class.

To register into Pupil Path click on the icon on the left.

Click “Parents Register” if you are a parent

Click “Student Register” if you are a student.

Then complete the following:

    • Your email address (Parents and students)
    • Your first and last name (Parents only)
    • Your child’s school (Parents and students)
    • Your child’s OSIS (9 digit school ID number on your child’s ID card)
    • Your child’s date of birth (Parents and students)

Google Classroom

Many teachers at HERO have an interactive class, where students can access classwork, lectures, and other important resources. Students can sign on into Google Classroom by clicking on the icon to the right and using their HERO High Email. In order to join a class on this site, your teacher needs to provide you with a code or they will invite you into the course!

Teachers and students have access to their own Gmail account, which is given within the first week of school. Click on the link to sign in.

Your email address is usually in a format as such:

Your default password is: herohigh

When you sign in for the first time you will be asked to change your password. If you forget your password please email Dr. G ( or Mr. Cook ( to reset your password back to herohigh.