College-Ready Checklist

In order for students to take college classes and gain enough credits to earn a college degree, they must be “College Ready.” At HERO High, this is what we mean by “College Ready.” Use this checklist to see what you can do already and what you still need to work on.

A HERO student who is “Early College Ready:”

    • Maintains at least a “B” average in high school classes
    • Maintains at least an 85 community grade. (Hint: In order to do this, you need to do the following:
          • Come to school every day - no unexcused absences!
          • Come to school on time every day
          • Attend each class on time
          • Avoid disciplinary problems and disrespectful behavior
    • Can read and learn from a college-level textbook
    • Can study effectively for a college class, quiz and exam
    • Can write a well-structured essay that makes an argument, uses evidence and cites sources appropriately
    • Knows what plagiarism is and doesn’t do it
    • Knows how to ask for help
    • Knows how to form and work within a study group to prepare for exams and assignments
    • Knows how to communicate with a professor, during class, one-on-one and via email
    • Understands unwritten behavioral expectations for college classes and campuses
    • Knows how to structure their time in order to fit in all of the above

A HERO student can participate in some college classes if they can do the above. In order to take more advanced college classes and earn a college degree, students must also:

    1. Earn at least a “70” on the Common Core Math Regents
    2. Earn at least a “75” on the Common Core English Regents