Career and Occupational Studies Diploma (CDOS)

SENIORS - Earn a Career Readiness endorsement on your Diploma

What is it?

The Career and Occupational Studies Diploma (CDOS) is a new credential recognized by the NYS Board of Regents as a certificate that the student has the knowledge and skills necessary for entry level employment. It is an endorsement that goes on your diploma.

Why should I get it?

The CDOS makes your diploma and resume stand out to employers.

If you have passed required 4 Regents exams - one each in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Students, and met all coursework requirements, the CDOS can substitute for your 2nd Social Studies Regents

How can I get it?

Because you have done so much work connected to health careers, you have already met most of the requirements to earn a CDOS endorsement.

  • Earned at least 4 credits in career-related courses (community health, nursing, work-based learning, TAS, all count)
  • Completed at least 54 hours of work-based learning through Friday trips or internships (passing grades in work-based learning fulfills this requirement)
  • Complete a career plan
  • Ask your advisor or someone who has supervised you in a job or internship to fill out pages one and two of the Employability Profile

When do I do this?

  • You will have an opportunity to complete the Career Plan in advisory in November. You can also see Ms. Andujar, Mr. Cohen or Ms. Tenny to schedule a time to work on it after school.

Who should I contact with questions?

Talk to Ms. Andujar, Mr. Cohen, Ms. Smith, Mr. Sorensen, or Ms. Tenny