Work-Based Learning Trips, Oct. 26th

9th Grade:

  • Gillece, Groves, O'Meara, Testa: Assembly at HERO
  • Aiken, Pitter, Poleon, Spadaro: Assembly at HERO

10th Grade:

  • Brill, Davis, Frisch, Patel: Assembly at HERO
  • Ali, Ducoff, A. Ortega, Ortiz: Assembly at HERO

11th Grade:

  • Boyd, Gorla, Triblet, Yeates: Advisory choice
  • Gutierrez, G. Ortega, Shaked, Sorenson: Internship preparation at HERO

**For more information about WBL trips, click HERE**

November 3rd

10:00am - 12:30pm

Potential students are welcome to get a tour of school and meet our staff!!

Other dates are: Nov. 15th, 20th (6pm-7:30pm)

Start of Marking Period 2

October 22nd

Election Day, November 6th

No School!

Veteran's Day Observed

November 12th

No School!