Senior Twin Day: Nov. 21st

Senior Sports Day: Nov. 22nd

Friday Trips (Dec. 1st, 12:34-2:14pm)

    • 9th Grade
      • Godwin, Tarazi, Ali, Davis: Heart Dissection at HERO
      • Franciamore, A. Ortega, Ortiz, Miller: Montifiore Hospital
    • 10th Grade
      • Gutierrez: Metropolitan Hospital
      • G. Ortega: Adapt Manhattan
      • Boyd, Yeates, Triblet, & Gorla: Metropolitan Museum of Art
      • Shaked & Diamond: Advisory choice
    • 11th Grade
      • Maurice, Nilsen, Kam, Rizon: Advisory choice
      • Reynolds, Nysenholc, Sawamura, Brooks: Montifiore Hospital

**More information about the trips this Friday on the Work-Based Learning Website**

Interdisciplinary Projects

You are cordially invited to attend interdisciplinary Health Care Project Presentations on Friday January 12th from noon to 2:30pm. Please join us as 9th grade students present their research and action plans on chronic disease management and prevention, 10th grade students make recommendations for community health initiatives based on student-led program evaluations and 11th grade students convene a community health fair. Please fill out the Google form here