8th Grade History

Welcome!! Heritage Academy's 8th Grade History curriculum entails a study of America’s history from the Constitutional Convention through modern day. The principles of freedom and liberty are taught as students immerse themselves into the stories of our Founding Fathers. A strong emphasis is placed on the study of the Constitution, the principles behind it, and how our scholars can prepare to fulfill their role in “restoring America’s greatness” as future leaders.

Please remember to check the Homework and Handout sections regularly. This is especially important when you are absent as homework should be submitted on time regardless of class attendance. The Homework Section will include all homework details including due dates. Current Homework is posted at the top of the section. The Handouts Section will include handouts, Power Points, and videos from class that will often be necessary for completing homework. This section will be very helpful if you are absent or need an extra copy.

Course Information

Course: 8th Grade History

Teacher: Brigette Garner

School: Heritage Academy Gateway

Location: Room 341


If you or your parents have any questions please do not hesitate to stop by my office, email, and/or call.

Email: bgarner@heritageacademyaz.com

Office phone: (480) 461-4400 Cell phone: (480) 298-3324 - Please be respectful of my personal number.

Office hours: Tue.& Thur. 7:30-8AM and 3:30-4PM