9th Grade

It is an amazing and exciting time! Planning for college just got kicked up a notch and it is important to start your high school years off on the right foot. Checklists are great tools to keep you organized, focused, and connected with everything that needs to be done.


  • Create a GAfutures account at gafutures.org. GAfutures is a great resource to help you explore and plan for college and your career.

  • Start thinking about what careers you may be interested in and choose your classes accordingly. Check out the Career Exploration section on GAfutures to help you determine your interests and the different types of careers out there.

  • Know your graduation requirements and take challenging classes. HOPE/Zell Miller UGHS Courses of Rigor, below.

  • Start building your high school portfolio. Participate in school- or community-based activities that interest you. Keep track of your awards, recognitions, and extracurricular activities (volunteering, sports, band).

  • You HOPE GPA begins calculating as soon as you set foot into high school. Be sure to develop good study habits. Create a schedule and stick to it.

  • When you are a senior, The Common Application may be used to apply online to multiple colleges of interest. Click HERE so that you may familiarize yourself with what a college application includes.


  • Know your child's class schedule and teachers.

  • Learn about the tax benefits of Georgia's Path2College 529 Plan.

  • Talk to your child about how a college education can benefit them.

UGHS Graduation Requirements

Georgia High School Graduation Requirements.docx

HOPE/Zell Miller and Rigor Requirements

2021-22 Rigor Requirements.pdf

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Information

NCAA information.pdf