Digital Citizenship

Internet Safety, Digital Footprint, Cyberbullying, Relationships, and more!

Looking for ways to help your student stay safe online, help them make good choices with technology, find definitions of unfamiliar terms, and more?

Check out the family resources below from Wide Open School, the Family Media Agreement, and other resources from Common Sense Media. The Internet and the digital world are changing every day, but these resources can help you keep up and support your learner.

Wide Open School

Family Media Agreement

Common Sense Media

In addition to these resources, Varina High School is taking an active role to educate your student about topics like Internet Safety, online relationships and friendships, plaigarism, cyberbullying, appropriate uses of Social Media, and more.

Some of these topics are covered in stand-along lessons delivered during Extended Study, T.H.I.S. time. Others are integrated into the learning curriculum, aligned with the other content your student will learn throughout the year.

We are committed to safety and education for all students.