2018-2019 TMS 6th Grade Student Information

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Rising 6th grade Course Request and Recommendation Process. We are planning for an exciting 2018-2019 school year and want you and your student to make a successful and informed transition to Tuckahoe Middle. Here is a lot of the information you will need to make this transition. This information is also available in a handout given to your current 5th grader.

  • Make sure you can access the PowerSchool Parent Portal
  • January 24, 6-7pm (new date) Rising 6th Grade Parent Information Session in the TMS library to hear from school counselors about the middle school curriculum.
  • January 30 6-8pm is our TMS Curriculum Fair in the Gym. (Feb. 5th is the inclement weather makeup day) Teachers will be on hand to showcase available courses, expectations and and how course selections connect to future secondary courses.
  • January 16-26th 5th grade teachers make recommendations for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies in January. Parent teacher conferences at the elementary school in late January/early February will help you understand the best placement for your student.
  • January 30-February 9th PowerSchool Parent Portal is open for 5th grade parents to confirm teacher recommendations and make elective requests through powerschool.
  • March 2018- Elementary School Counselors finalize student request letters and forward them to Tuckahoe Middle. Student request letters are send home to parents before spring break.
  • August 23, 2018 Patriot Camp for all rising 6th graders- no signup required- Put it on your calendar!


As your child begins secondary education in Henrico County Public Schools, recommendations for core content classes are based on student performance, work ethic and assessment data. 5th grade teachers know our criteria and understand the best placement for your child. Our regular content courses are rigorous and challenging-providing students a solid foundation for high school. Please consider teacher recommendations carefully before opting for a parent override of a teacher’s recommendation. Parent overrides are due March 9th, 2017. TMS will continue to accept overrides until April 27th, but without a guarantee of placement. We have provided override forms to your child’s counselor.

6th grade students take eight classes using a modified block schedule. On Mondays, students attend all eight classes. On Tuesday and Thursdays, students take blocks 1-4. On Wednesdays and Thursdays students take blocks 5-8.

We offer regular and advanced level classes in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. The advanced level courses are designed for students who are motivated and organized and already successful in school. Your teachers will make the best recommendation based on data, performance and experience.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: 1109 English is regular level, 1109V English is advanced. English/Language Arts does not offer an accelerated curriculum-the advanced level is more rigorous and recommendations are based on reading level, writing ability and a motivated learning style. 1109 English 6 students can be recommended for the advanced 7th grade curriculum

MATH: 6th grade students take 3110 Math Course 1 and in the 7th grade, 3111 Math Course 2. Depending on a student’s math performance in 7th grade Course 2, 8th graders can take 3112 Math Course 3 or 3130MS Algebra I. 5th grade students currently enrolled in accelerated math 5/6 curriculum take IB3315 Accel Math 6/7. In 7th grade- these students take IB3130MS Algebra I and 3143MS Geometry in the 8th grade. Without the accelerated 5/6 curriculum in 5th grade, students cannot be considered for IB3315 Accel 6/7. While the course number is recognized as IB, TMS combines all eligible 6th grade students into this accelerated course.

SCIENCE: 4105 Intro to Earth Environmental Science is the regular level content which prepares students for 4115 Life Science in 7th grade and 4125 Physical Science in the 8th grade. The advanced/accelerated track is 4115V Advanced Life Science and recommended for students who are also successful in math- Algebra I should be taken in middle school. The advanced curriculum requires a three year commitment, students cannot slow the acceleration: In 7th grade, these students take 4125V Advanced Physical Science and 4210MS Earth Science in the 8th grade.

SOCIAL STUDIES: 2354 Social Studies 6 is the regular level, followed by 2355 Social Studies 7 and Civics & Economics in the 8th grade. The advanced/accelerated path is 2354V Social Studies 6 Accelerated- a three year commitment that embeds the Civics and Economics during the 6th and 7th grade classes. 2215MS World History and Geography I (HS credit) is taken in the 8th grade. Students must begin the accelerated path in the 6th grade in order to be eligible for 2215MS World History in the 8th grade. Changes are afoot in this content, as HCPS may require that World History and Geography be taken in high school only- mandating that all 8th graders be in social studies classes that teach civics & economics.

ACADEMIC ELECTIVE: Spanish IB5513/French IB5113 The IB program requires 6th grade students to take Spanish or French in the 6th grade. Unless admitted to the IB program, we recommend that students wait until the 7th grade to start the World Language Program in Spanish or French. Students who start in middle school take two years (pt. 1 & pt 2) to finish the 1st year/high school credit. Students who choose to begin a World Language in 7th grade will have one HS credit vs. two HS credits through 8th grade if you start in 6th grade. HCPS Advanced Studies Diploma requires three credits of one World Language or two credits of two World Languages. Freeman HS offers up to five years of Spanish, making it unnecessary to begin a World Language in the 6th grade.

ACADEMIC ELECTIVE: Reading/Exploratory- Students that are waiting until the 7th grade to start a World Language (recommended) take a semester of 9842K Reading and a semester of an exploratory elective, either Exploring Languages and Cultures or Career Exploration/STEAM.

HEALTH/PE: Our 6th grade PE course is the same as other HCPS Health/PE 6th grade curriculums except that we offer it as IBMYP PHYSICAL HEALTH ED. LEVEL 1 and include all 6th grade students in this IB modified curriculum.

ACE/ACE-RTI: All students at TMS take ACE- Academic Core Enrichment 9844K. This course is designed to support academic enrichment, character education, citizenship and student success. The course can be differentiated to provide interventions in reading and/or math for students who need those extra supports. Students in the IBMYP 6th grade program take a performing/visual arts/gifted/CTE wheel in place of ACE.

EXCEPTIONAL EDUCATION: We meet the requirements of all students who transition to TMS with Individual Education Plans. Transition meetings in the spring with the elementary teams help ensure that we meet the individual needs of our incoming students.

INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE MIDDLE YEARS PROGRAM (IBMYP): All 6th graders who applied to the programs should complete the course recommendation and request process. When the IB invitation letters are send out in early February, TMS will update the course information and elective selections during the registration window- Feb. 20-23rd.

STATE AND LOCAL ASSESSMENTS: In the spring, 6th grade students take SOLs in Reading and Math and Henrico Assessments (HATS) in Science and Social Studies. NWEA (MAPS) testing is taken in the Fall and Spring- benchmark testing in Reading and Math takes place in December.

EXTRACURRICULAR SPORTS & CLUBS: TMS offers sports that all HCPS Middle Schools provide: Fall Sports: Football, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, Girls Tennis. Winter Sports: Boys Basketball, Boys Wrestling, Gymnastics (tryouts in the spring- Elementary schools will be provided this information) Spring Sports: Track & Field, Boys Tennis, Girls Soccer, Girls Softball, Boys Baseball. Cheerleading is a year-round commitment. TMS offers a variety of clubs including: Technology Student Association (TSA), Art Club, Coding Club, Drama Club, Dungeons & Dragons, & Model United Nations. All athletes need Middle School Athletic Participation Form dated after May 15 2018 to tryout for sports.