Parent Resources for Schoology

Below are some materials to help you get started with assisting parents in getting started with Schoology parent access codes. Feel free to make a copy and adapt any of the resources below in order to assist with streamlining the process. Parent access to Schoology will be a school based decision as determined by the administrators at your school.

1 Page Print Out for Parents

This one page document provides an explanation of the platform and information explaining the steps parents will need to take in order to sign up for a parent account.

Parent Training Slideshow

For those of you looking to have an in-person session explaining to parents the process for setting up a parent account may want to refer to this Google Slide presentation.

Setting Up a PowerSchool Account

For security reasons parents will need to sign into PowerSchool to retrieve their child's Schoology access codes. Parents who have not created an account will need to do so prior to signing up for Schoology. Once signed into PowerSchool, parents will see a Schoology logo in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Once they click on the logo they will be granted access to the access code.

Where to go??

Need a quick run down as to where a parent needs to go? This infographic explains the difference between the 2 platforms.

Schoology Highlight Video

Want a video to share with parents showing the early stages of Schoology implementation in the county? Well look no further. Here is the video that was featured as part of the school board highlight.

Letter to Parents

Here is the letter that was sent home to parents during the pilot program. It gives a good overview explaining the benefits of Schoology, how to sign up for an account including the steps explaining how to turn on the weekly/daily email digest.

Parent Directions - Signing Up for an Account

Here are the directions for explaining to parents how to do the following:

  • Retrieve their child's Schoology Access Code
  • How to create a Schoology Account
  • How to navigate and adjust preferences in Schoology
  • How to Link multiple Schoology accounts
  • How to add additional students to a single account

Directions for Parents -

Parent Sign-Up Screencast

Video explaining how to create a parent account in Schoology.