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Communication: Please understand that I always do my very best to get back to emails and messages in a timely fashion. We have very little to no free time during the school day to respond to messages. After school we are often in meetings. Please be patient and understand that your children are a priority to me. After school, I do have other responsibilities. After all, I have 4 kids of my own! If you have an urgent message to me, the quickest method of contact is through the Remind app. Thank you for your understanding.
Grades are live in Power School. Please make sure that you're helping your child learn to keep up assignments. I discussed with the students that I will not chase them for their work. I told them that they are able to see their grades online, and if it has a "missing" it means that assignment has not be turned into me and is recorded as a 'F' in the grade book. Once the assignment has been "missing" for more than 2 days, the 'F' will remain. You can imagine how negatively this impacts your child's average.
Quizzes and Tests: You may notice that homework may read "review notes" under various subjects. Your children have interactive notebooks in all of their subjects. I have shared with the students that I will start having pop quizzes each week in different subjects. If they are paying attention during class and reviewing their notes each night, they have no reason to worry. A quiz is a great check-in before a test is given. When a quiz is given, I will send it home as a study tool for upcoming tests. Your child's agenda is a great way to keep up with possible quizzes and scheduled tests. Thank you for helping your child learn strong study skills and become accountable for his/her learning.
Homework/Agendas - Please be sure to check your child's agenda each night. We write homework down each morning, and I initial their agenda. I ask that you, too, initial their agendas so that I can be sure you are seeing homework and other important reminders. I do not assign a lot of homework, so I do expect the kids to get it done each night. If there is an extenuating circumstance (this does not include sports and extracurriculars), parents can email me or send a note and I'll give them an extra day to complete it.

This week we are learning about atoms and molecules in science. We also did experiments where we put food coloring in different temperatures of water to see how long it took it to spread. Parents, we also have a science test on Friday 22nd. In math we are learning about function tables. Remember: KEEP STUDYING YOUR NOTES. In readIng we are learning about character development and character traits. In writing we are learning about writing clear topic sentences. Parents please remember to sign your kids agenda daily. Have a nice weekend everybody!

Author of this week's post: Gabby Gross

Upcoming dates to remember:

  • February 19th Multicultural projects are due Tuesday 2/19
  • February 21st: Multicultural Night at CTES!
  • Science test 2/22