Mission Statement

The Academy is a cooperative and nurturing environment for disenfranchised students. Established in 2004, its mission provides students with a safe and structured environment which focuses on Character, Attitude and Effort over Aptitude, Ability and Talent. Student responsibility and personal growth is a primary goal. Our mission is to provide a learning experience in a challenging and supportive community of students, teachers, and parents committed to truth and personal best.

The Academy Student

The Academy at Hendrick Hudson is a 9-12 comprehensive Regents level program that caters to students who are capable of academic success, but are struggling in the regular school environment. By providing a small group learning environment with a team teaching approach, students build relationships with not only each other, but also the staff. This small group learning environment allows students to feel comfortable taking positive risks and challenging themselves.

Students in the Academy participate in project based learning, team building activities (in and out of school), character education, study skills, and self-advocacy, while maintaining the rigor of Regents level classes. If you or your child are interested in learning more about The Academy at Hendrick Hudson, please contact the guidance department for information or an application. Interested students are invited to meet with Academy staff and students, and explore a potential schedule.