WES Device Initiative

Each of our third grade students has his/her own iPad to use each day. We have 15 iPads in each of our first and second grade classrooms. Teachers who share a cart can pool the iPads from their class and a partner teacher's class to make a full set of 30 devices.

Our technology is used throughout the day for a wide variety of instructional tasks. These tasks align with teacher lesson plans, grade-level TEKS, the campus plan, as well as the district's technology plan and goals and include

• accessing digital materials, including books, multimedia, apps, and sites

• practicing mastery of concepts and skills in all subject areas

• utilizing applications to communicate, collaborate, and the share information and resources with peers and teachers

• utilizing applications such as word processors, databases, spreadsheets, graphic organizers, and charts, to create, collect, analyze, represent data, and to solve problems