Vika Cecena

Vika Cecena was raised in San Diego, California in which she started her dance career at the age of seven. She studied Concheros dance, also known as Aztec dancing at her local church for three years. Miss. Cecena found her passion for both her culture and dancing during this time. Soon after, she joined the dance team at her elementary school, she was exposed to Jazz, Lyrical, and Contemporary. Vika continued her dance journey when entering middle school, she became Co-Caption of her middle school dance team and was in the Advance dance class. In the 8th grade, she choreographed her first piece with over 30 dancers, the piece was performed numerous times. While being apart of her middle school dance team, she performed at Helix Charter High school and further fell in love with the stage. She has participated in over 10 dance shows at Helix alone.

Currently, Vika Cecena is a Junior at Helix Charter High school and is apart of the Unleashed Dance Company. She has participated in 14 dance shows at Helix alone. Since joining the Unleashed Dance Company she discovered modern dance, thanks to Katie Pipes, the Artistic Director of the Dance Department at Helix. Also, she was trained for 10 weeks under Peter Kalivas to further extend her technique. For a few weeks Vika worked with Angel Villalobos for his piece called " For the Future". During Winter and Spring Shows Vika have choreographed multiple pieces. Currently, Miss. Cecena is the co-caption of a Dance Crew and is responsible or managing and teaching 20 dancers. She hopes to continue her dance career as a young adult and possibly open her own dance studio.