Seeking Scarlet

Art without borders, story without limits. From artists Iosef (Sozei) Thenna aka Yussif Osman-Mansour, Rebecca Tyler Sugar & Tamanna Kalhar.

Below is an introductory letter on the origins of the project, it's a little heavy, but included is a range of preview material to enjoy. We do care and this story did come from deep, serious issues, but our priority is good art, good animation and content that really enchants and inspires.

Kickstarter launches 03/2018

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A range of test animations. Asem, makes her grand entry into the world through the Seeking Scarlet animated series. Combining fantasy, love and innovation. We invite you to help us make Seeking Scarlet the Animated Series a reality by supporting on

Who Is Asem? A letter of introduction:

I would like to introduce someone to you. This is Asem and she will save the world.

Real life for a moment, Western media is just picking this up, but it’s been known for almost two days where I’m currently travelling through, that ‘isil’ surrendered in their capital; Raqqa, in Syria yesterday. They were ultimately defeated by Kurds and Syrians of all backgrounds including, Christians alongside Muslims and women alongside men. Ultimately those lunatics, who preached that there was only one thing anyone could be, were stopped by people of all different walks of life standing up to them. I don’t know how the Western media will handle this, but diversity defeated identarianism. ‘isil’ is finished, they have no capital, no leader. The nightmare is over, as long as we now tell the right story. This is an opportunity for all of us to be better, to be kinder, to accept one another, no matter how different we may be from each other, because that’s how humanity wins.

I created Asem about four years ago in a novel I was writing as a way of dealing with a traumatic experience. Around about that time, ‘isil’ first appeared. I am a multiracial, bisexual, nonbinary, Unitarian Universalist with a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Someone like me would not exist if ‘isil’ had its way. Identiarianism is a problem worldwide, from the US to the UK to Europe and Japan and Turkey, everywhere, people are rejecting those different from them. I found myself a stranger in my own country, a western, liberal democracy. ‘isil’ was merely an extremity of a far-reaching problem. It’s not about left wing or right wing, it’s about humanity and the diversity of ways of life and choices. It’s about each of us choosing who we want to be. Otherwise, what is the point of living?

If you would like to support the development of Asem’s animated series; #SeekingScarlet / Seeking Scarlet at the End of the World, you can do so in the following ways, just be sure to message me somewhere to let me know so we can thank you:

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Much love and questions always welcome.

I went onto to a career of a few years working with the Red Cross and other humanitarian and social organizations which support and aid refugees and learnt of the true horrors that were being done and their truly human consequences.

This is why ‘isil’s defeat means so much to me. Not because it definitely stops the attacks or bombings, but because it means the world has rejected their ideology. It means what they stood for is not viable. It means someone like me has the right to exist.

This is what Asem represents, the right of each person to be who they are, to love who and believe what has meaning to them, living with empathy, an open mind and a free soul. To this end, this young woman emerged from a century of war in her own world, to confront the ‘Great Secret Keeper’, a nightmare of the old world and though she loses, she takes those scars and it becomes a part of her, that she may face him again and win. And utterly wreck him. Utterly. I drew inspiration from the symbolism of #wonderwoman #superman and #batman the goodness of #supersaiyangoku and the #autobots the humanity of #kamalakhan and #peterparker the values of the #xmen and the love #professorxavier has for the world and the free heart of the #strawhatpirates She is my offering of a hero to the 21st Century, I hope you will all accept her, from her body’s scars and imperfections which a group like ‘isil’ would have covered up, to her brown skin, to her Arabic name, to the fact that she is lesbian and Peshemerga star tattooed at her waist, a symbol of life, from the Kurdish people who resisted ‘isil’ from the start. I dream of better world and better stories. I dream of each of our dreams.

I have been deeply emotional about all this and am finding it difficult to concentrate, so I am wrapping this up. Thank you for your open minds, imagination and time.

Yussif (Iosef)

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The Scarlet Overture 2hour animatic builds a vast, wondrous and terrifying through art music and voice, a prelude to the upcoming series.To watch the full epic, become a Patron on

Asem, she came out of the hardest and most traumatic time in my life, but I wrote her story to be one of hope, love and optimism. Seeking Scarlet utilises fantasy and speculative fiction to explore contemporary issues of difference, love, war and peace and hope. Asem's phenomenal abilities were not enough to stave off her brutal defeat and heartbreak and it will take a century of history to contextualise her pain, in a world of the impossible, the wondrous and the terrible. She is a super-heroine I wanted to gift to all people of all cultures, persuasions and backgrounds. Saving the world means different things to different people, but love is universal. I hope Asem's life and world will give you solace and inspire hope. - Iosef Thenna, Author

A story of love, identity and dreams. Asem's impossible world, our world, has broken her heart. Calamity followed calamity, until the entity we call 'Amazing' breaks into our reality, giving birth to 'Fragments'; people, human and otherwise who draw phenomenal powers from life itself, shunned and hated for their otherness and loved for being the best of us. Humanity becomes aware of the god-like 'Constellations' with whom we share the world and of the Eclipse King, a nightmare which rules the universe. The Romance of the Four Shards ensues, as four Fragment children wage their ideals in a bid to save the world and their kind, as we all stand divided. This is the world which gives birth to the Great Secret Keeper, humanity's worst enemy and Asem, our last, unifying hope and mightiest sorrow. As Petra explores the world and its history for her place in it, her love may be the only thing that can save Asem and by extension, us all.

A range of audio excerpts from the Seeking Scarlet saga, for easy listening. Stay a while and immerse yourself in the mysterious and amazing Polis Earth and maybe meet Asem along the way.

Setting fires in Autumn - The Complete Art of Seeking Scarlet (2017 edition)

Digital copies are $15.00 To order a copy, write to us on or message us on any social media. For a preview of the art work, check out the adjacent art gallery.

Art by Anh Pham, Iosef Thenna, Mart Cappe, Moraya Cortez and T-a-t-s-u-k-i exploring the vast world of Seeking Scarlet, from the shores of Polis Earth, to the singing ghosts which wander the deserts.