College Information

Applications and Transcripts

  • Most college applications should be submitted online. Some colleges have their own applications while others use The Common Application or The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success and have a supplementary section specific to their school which needs to be filled out.
  • Take note of all application deadlines. It is your responsibility to submit all applications in enough time that they are received by their respective deadlines. (Please do not rely on postmark dates).
  • To make a transcript request, please fill out a Transcript Request Form in the College Guidance Google Classroom. Upon request, transcripts and principal letters of recommendation will be sent directly to the college.
  • Transcript requests should be made two weeks prior to the application deadline.
  • It is your responsibility to send your SAT or ACT scores sent directly to the colleges to which you are applying.

Applying to College

Q. How do I apply to college?

A. Always go to the school website and follow their directions. There will either be an “Apply Here” on the homepage or you will follow the tab “Undergraduate Admissions” and then find the “Apply Now” tab.

Yeshiva University

Lander College

Q. When is the deadline for me to apply to college?

A. Application deadlines are posted on each college website.

Yeshiva University:

First General Application Deadline:

December 2, 2019

Decision Notification:

February 1, 2020

Second General Application Deadline:

February 3, 2020

Decision Notification:

April 1, 2020

Yeshiva College Honors Program:

Early Decision: Maximum Scholarship Level- $25,000

November 1, 2019

Decision Notification:

December 15, 2020

Regular Decision: Maximum Scholarship Level- $20,000

Lander College: Rolling Admissions

Lander College Honors: March 1, 2020

Q. Do I have to apply by the deadline?

A. Yes. Colleges will not consider late applications.

Q. Is the application deadline also for all the other documents?

A. Most schools will accept documents such as transcripts and letters of recommendation after the deadline. However, the student’s application cannot be late.

Q. How do schools get my transcript?

A. Students must go in to the College Guidance Google Classroom and fill out a College Transcript Request Form, two weeks before the application deadline. The College Guidance Office will have your transcript sent by the deadline.

Q. When should I submit my Transcript Request Form?

A. Transcript Request forms should be submitted at least two weeks before the application deadline.

Q. How do schools get my SAT and/or ACT scores?

A. It is your responsibility to have your SAT or ACT scores sent directly to the colleges to which you are applying. Go directly to the SAT and ACT website to send your scores.

Yeshiva University does not require the writing section on the SAT or ACT.

  • Yeshiva University's SAT school code is 2990
  • Yeshiva University's ACT school code is 2992
  • Touro College SAT score report number: 2902
  • Touro College ACT score report number: 2961

Q. Can I apply to a college without having taken an SAT or ACT?

A. Most 4 year colleges require students to submit an SAT or ACT score. All 2 year colleges (Community College/Associate's Degree) do not require test scores.

Q. When should I send my SAT or ACT scores to college?

A. Send scores when you register for the SAT or ACT. Both the SAT and ACT test registration covers four score reports. Additional reports are $12-$13.

Q. Can I send my SAT/ACT scores in to a school before I apply?

A. Yes, upon receipt a college will open a file for you and wait for your application.

Q. What is Early Decision?

A. Early Decision plans are binding. If you find a college that you are sure is right for you, you can apply early and get a decision early, usually by December 15. Early decision: You agree to attend the college if it accepts you and offers an adequate financial aid package. You can apply to only one college for Early Decision. You may also apply to other colleges through the regular admission process, but if you’re accepted by your first-choice college early, you must withdraw all other applications

Q. Should I apply Early Decision?

A. Get advice from your college guidance counselor before applying Early Decision. While it might seem appealing to get the process over with early, it might be be too soon to know if you’ve made the right college choice.

If you are applying Early Decision you need to schedule a meeting with the College Guidance Department in September.

Q. Do I need a college interview as part of the application process?

A. Some colleges require an interview while others do not. For some schools it is optional but strongly recommended.

Q. Will any schools be interviewing at Heichal HaTorah?

A. Yes. Lander College and YU will be conducting interviews at Heichal HaTorah for regular admission only. Honors interviews are conducted on campus.