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1. Stockpiling Points in Linear Loyalty Programs

Stourm, Valeria, Eric T. Bradlow, and Peter S. Fader (2015 ), “Stockpiling Points in Linear Loyalty Programs," Journal of Marketing Research, 52 (2 ), 253 -267 .

  • This paper won the 2016 Don Lehmann Award for the best dissertation based paper published in the past two years in Journal of Marketing Research.
  • This paper was named Finalist for the 2016 Paul E. Green Award for the best article in the Journal of Marketing Research that demonstrates the greatest potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research

Below you can access:

  1. A PDF copy of the publication
  2. Summary presentation slides from a research seminar at HEC Paris.
  3. News coverage by Knowledge @ Wharton (article + video) “How Brands Can Build Better Loyalty Programs":

4. Coverage by Knowledge @ HEC, inaugural issue of analytics in the era of big data: opportunities and challenges, ``Why consumers stockpile rather than spend loyalty-program points", April 2017

HEC talk_v1.pdf

2. Incorporating hidden costs of annoying ads in display auctions

Stourm, Valeria and Eric Bax (2017 ), “Incorporating hidden costs of annoying ads in display auctions." Volume 34, International Journal of Research in Marketing, p 622-640.

Below you can access:

  1. A PDF copy of the paper.
  2. Summary presentation slides (of an earlier draft) from a research seminar at Wharton.



1. Market positioning using cross-reward effects in a coalition loyalty program

Stourm, Valeria, Eric T. Bradlow and Peter S. Fader (2017)

This paper is based on the second chapter of my dissertation. It is available at SSRN:

This paper is a finalist for the MSI 2018-2020 Research Priorities Working Paper Competition.