8th Grade Remote Learning Classroom

Welcome Students, Parents & Guardians to our Remote Learning Classroom!

My name is Ms Heidi Campbell, as most of you know, and I am taking the new role as 7th-8th Grade teacher. Also, joining us on our Junior High journey, Mr. Ray Weasel Head, will be helping us as the Teachers Aide. Teaching our Immersion class is Mr. Kevin Crawford.

This year will be a bit different starting off but we look forward to a great 2020-2021 school year with you.



Here are some Step by Step Instructions on how to Log in to the MAPS Testing site.

Turn your computer on as usual. Make sure you have a full charge.

You will be using a browser-not an APP this time. It is secure & will allow your student to communicate with their teacher.

The secure browser is in the button above, or by typing in


If you get “Oops! Where’s my Test Window?

It could just be that a pop up blocker blocked it.

Please go to our 8th Grade Remote Learning Classroom to access the link to our Daily Reading and Math, or by clicking on the MATH or READING page. Below are class times.

Reading- 10:00-11:30 Math- 12:15-1:15

Social & Emotional Learning (S&E) is with Mrs. Day Chief and is from 8:30-9:00 everyday. Please make sure to log in during your S&E time

Here is the time for Piikuni Immersion with Mr. Crawford. The link to access his class will be in our Google Classroom as well.

The daily meet time is 1:15-2:00

ELA/ Reading