Healthy and Fitter

Healthy and Fitter is one of the first companies to introduce this exceptional training method to the UK. CEO of Healthy and Fitter, Fredrik Underhaug, is passionate to work closely with each client, to ensure the routines choreographed are focused on delivering each client’s requested results.

“Empowerment Through Fitness, Strength and Agility”.

Fredrik Underhaug

Fredrik Underhaug is a highly qualified Personal Trainer. Originating from Norway, he is now the leading practitioner of The Jensen Method in the UK. He specialises in sophisticated low intensity training with great effect. Through very specific exercises he manages to lower the risk of injuries while getting the most effect out of every session.

Jensen Method- Personal Training

The Jensen Method has been curated by a team of established chiropractors and fitness experts, to develop a plethora of exercise routines which has the unique ability to shape an individual’s physique, without causing unnecessary stress or damage to the body. The focus is on developing core strength, toning, endurance, fat-loss, posture and fitness.

Bookings / Sessions / Private Appointments

Appointments need to be requested at least 72 hrs in advance and are subject to availability. Please email . Last minute appointments may become available so text +447482751547 if you require last minute training,

At Home Training

The personalised routines adopted by The Jensen Method actually make at-home training very feasible, and convenient for those maintaining busy lifestyles. The condensed movements with calculated weights and measured elastic bands mean not much space is required. Consequently, Fredrik trains a lot of his higher-profile clients in the comfort of their own home, or their offices.

Jensen Method Personal Training Sessions

If you want the freedom of booking your Jensen Method session when you need a boost to your fitness training

Power Yoga Private Sessions

Warm Vinyasa Flow

Power Yoga Classes

Warm Vinyasa Flow Classes

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