Health Testbed for Innovative Enterprises

Health T.I.E.

/helTH/ /tī/


A program bridging service providers, business accelerators, entrepreneurs, and startups, to find solutions to the pressing needs of the healthcare industry.

Bringing together Innovative Partners, Testbed Partners, healthcare ecosystem funding, and entrepreneurial experience, to find solutions for the 'wicked problems' affecting our community.

Innovative Partners, Testbed Partners, Mentors, and Advisors

Open Innovation

Working together on community health problems

Join us every other Thursday at 1pm Alaska Time for our Innovation Thursday calls.

It is hosted at:

Please see our archive of prior Health TIE Open Innovation Calls:

13 Feb 2020

Presentation by Dr. Syed Anwar

23 Jan 2020

Presentation by Big Bear Software

9 Jan 2020

Presentation by Luv Health

12 Dec 2019

Presentation by Motivo

21 Nov 2019

Presentation by Adyptation

7 Nov 2019

Presentation by Beam

10 Oct 2019

Presentation by Health TIE's First Pilot Program- DSP Hire

26 Sept 2019

Presentation by Alaska Maritime Physicians

12 Sept 2019

Presentation by Step Away

15 Aug 2019

Presentation by Oxford VR

1 Aug 2019

Presentation by PureSurgery

18 July 2019

Presentation by Fruit Street

14 Jun 2019

Presentation by Locumunity

30 May 2019

Nigel presents Board of Champions

16 May 2019

Presentation by Alaska Healthcare Transformation Project

2 May 2019

Keith McCormick presents the Project Proposal

18 April 2019

Presentation by Cardinal Analytx

4 April 2019

Nigel presents on seeking Testbed Partners

21 March 2019

Presentation by Ceresti Health

7 March 2019

Presenting from Alaska Innovation Summit in Juneau