David Raudabaugh

Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, Libertarian

Website: jointdecisionforgeorgia.com

Occupation(s): Entrepreneur

Husband, father of two resident of Cobb County and first time candidate for public office.

Image source: lpgeorgia.com

Our health is affected by a variety of factors that are directly influenced by policies made by and supported by the Commissioner of Agriculture:


What priorities or key issues will you address if elected to this office?

Ensure sensible cannabis legislation is brought to Georgia, that serves the people of Georgia in the best way possible including fully utilizing Industrial cannabis (Hemp) for all its beneficial uses.


What key experiences would you bring to this role?

I have started multiple cannabis businesses and bring experience form many other states legalization efforts to ensure we do it right.

Agriculture and Climate Change

The US EPA estimates that the agricultural sector contributes 11% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the US, making this sector one of the primary sources of emissions in the country. At the same time, warming temperatures due to climate change will alter growing conditions across the state. What policies would you enact to help the agriculture sector of Georgia thrive in the face of climate change?

Industrial cannabis (Hemp) will provide us the first step in correcting our current path of production over environment. The path to centralization of meat processing is also an area that must be addressed from a carbon footprint along with the health of the animals before harvesting for our food. I feel traumatizing our food source before harvesting causes other long term health issues for consumers.