Uber Nurse

On demand Nurse dispatching solution

Real-time discharge notification of patients to home healthcare agencies with automatic Nurse dispatching to patients' homes.

Home healthcare agencies get a notification when a patient is discharged from a hospital so that they can help the patient with transition of care. The idea is to provide Nurses via Uber technologies. User can choose a nurse and request an in-home nurse visit with a click of a button. We are working with 24hourscare home healthcare service to transform their business.

Reach out to Collins Emerhi to inquire more about this startup.

About the founder

Collins Emerhi

Collins Emerhi was born in the Ughelli Kingdom of Delta State, Nigeria where his father was famed for being the owner of one of the biggest poultry plantations. As a young child, Collins always knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a creative entrepreneur. In order to pursue his dreams and learn more about entrepreneurship, Collins immigrated to the United States after being accepted to the University of Massachusetts (Boston) in 1990. While being a full time student, Collins also obtained his first job in America with Favorite Nurses. Four years later, Collins entered the business world by becoming the co-owner of a Domino’s Pizza Franchise Development Program. In 1996, Collins decided to open his own pizza company called Xpress Pizza where all the citizens of Springfield, Massachusetts enjoyed ordering from his pizza parlor. The huge success of his new business led Collins to open a second Xpress Pizza franchise just three years later in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Collins decided that he wanted to change his career path into one that helped the senior community of Massachusetts. Thus, in October of 2002, Collins was licensed to open a health care agency.

Collins is very passionate about assisting people who are impacted by chronic illnesses and improving their quality of life. As one of the founder of Xpress Health Care Staffing and 24 Hours Care, Collins prioritizes giving senior citizens flexibility, freedom, and open doors to independence.

Our mission is to allow all seniors to express themselves fully in all forms, which is why we named “Xpress HealthCare Staffing Agency.” We love to celebrate the roles senior citizens play in our society, which motivates to serve them further.

When not busy working to improve company’s productivity and service, we enjoy traveling the world, playing Soccer and listening to music.

Contact Collins Emerhi at collins@24hourscare.com

Or call him at 617-319-1502

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