Patient wait time app solution

Real-time doctor wait time notification

Patient wait time is the # 1 compliant a patient has. On Time Or Not solves patient wait time issue by displaying Doctor wait time on TV in the patient waiting room. Admin staff can update the wait time with a single click on their mobile device.

Contact Dr. Kalyan Kalwa for inquiries regarding this product. This product is live and is in production.

About the founder

Dr. Kalyan Kalwa

Dr. Kalyan Kalwa, a physician and pharmacist from India, came to the United States with a dream to practice medicine. However, soon after, he realized his true passion for information technology. After completing some IT courses, he worked as a quality analyst for over a decade. During this time, he realized that he wanted to make a much bigger impact in health care. Armed with a unique combination of skill sets from both medicine and the technology world, he co-founded Health innovators in 2012. His idea was to involve doctors in innovation. Starting small, the organization has grown to over 8000 members today. Kal’s entrepreneurial vision not only drives Health Innovators, but spans to helping others with the same passion. His long term goal is to become an incubator for start ups. Kal believes in empowering others to achieve their goals. This trait extends beyond work, at the Toastmasters. Kal first started going to Toastmasters to improve his own public speaking skills; but eventually has served as the Cambridge area governor, helping others who are in the same shoes that he was in some years ago.

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