Narcotic Addiction

Early detection and prevention of Narcotic addiction

PIll Identifier Pitch Deck

Early detection and prevention of Narcotic addiction using Google search technology.

Saving lives using Goolge search keyword technology. We are building a Pill Identifier Chatbot which can be used via Facebook messenger. Through this chatbot, customers learn more about pills, medications and resources for narcotic addiction.

Contact Maninder Manihani, the CEO of this project to get involved.

Meet the founder

Dr. Maninder Manihani

I am a medical doctor with specialization in Public Health with 18 years of experience in the healthcare sector in India. As a WHO Consultant with India's Tuberculosis Program, I worked as a Technical Adviser to the Government of India for one year (2004-05)

My key areas of expertise in public health are HIV/AIDS prevention, Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Opioid use prevention and management(Harm reduction) and Family Planning.

Her areas of interest are:

  1. Mental Health promotion.
  2. Mitigating the harm of human trafficking
  3. Education and financial Empowerment of women and the LGBT community
  4. Harm Reduction and rehabilitation for Drug users and Alcoholics
  5. HIV/AIDS prevention , Care and Support.
  6. Sexual and Reproductive health

Contact Dr. Maninder at

Or call her at 916.316.6664

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