Scalable elderly companionship programs

Solutions to combat loneliness in elderly

Our unique learn English program connect aspiring English learners to elders in the U.S. This program combats loneliness in the elderly by pairing them with a youth with vigor and vitality. This relationship helps the elderly combat isolation and loneliness; it also helps the young English learner learn English at a comfortable pace at a much lower cost.

Contact Sushila Bhambhani, the CEO of this project to get involved.

Elder companionship program

Our scalable elderly companion matching algorithm matches elders seeking companionship with youngsters seeking to provide companionship based on both the parties matching preference.

Contact Sushila Bhambhani, the CEO of this project to get involved.

Meet the founder

Sushila Bhambhani

Sushila has managed to take care of her elderly parents since 1992 while managing an executive job in IT plus raising her kids and putting them through school. Sushila has struggled at times to manage her time to care for her loved ones while thriving professionally. Sushila noticed that her elderly parents were most excited and happy when they were around kids, this experience has led her to create a scalable solution to address loneliness in the elderly.

Sushila's strategic IT Executive recognized by customers for being creative and delivering innovative, insightful solutions. Solutions which streamline business processes, support decision making and provide a great customer experience.

Expertise with leading product management, program management, applications development and operations teams.

Broad Industry knowledge in Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, and Finance with international exposure in Australia and India. Adept at functioning seamlessly across virtual environments and mentoring and leading global development teams.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Product Management
  • Program / Portfolio Management
  • Vendor Management
  • AGILE Strategy & SCRUM Methodologies
  • Mentoring & Leading Development Teams
  • HIPAA Security & Privacy compliance, PHI
  • Web / Mobile Applications Development
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics, Dashboards
  • Systems / Applications Integration
  • Data Aggregation
  • Quality Assurance & Support Services
  • Usability, UI/Ux, Digital Content Management

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