Strength training via adaptive knee brace

Quadriceps strength training via adaptive knee brace

Loss of muscle mass and tone (atrophy) of quadriceps muscles occurs in senior people with chronic arthritis of knee joints.

Our smart knee brace helps improve muscle mass of quadriceps muscle via resistance training. Its sensors and motor helps people get up from a chair with ease, improves muscle mass, improves gait, help with fall prevention and gives freedom to people suffering from chronic arthritis and muscle mass loss.

This project is the brain child of Shivam (Dartmouth student). This project is personal for Shivam, he has seen his grandmother loose freedom from muscle atrophy due to chronic arthritis of the knee and he is determined to change it with his smart knee brace.

About the founder

Shivam Goyal

Shivam is an engineering student at Darthmouth and works at Analog devices as a CAD engineer.

Initial prototype

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