Chatbot for eating disorders

Chatbot for eating disorders

Social and peer pressure is driving young teen girls to take extreme measure to stay skinny. This leads to disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Our chatbot helps people looking for help and advice anonymously.

People suffering from eating disorders can ask questions and get help anonymously via our facebook chatbot. Our chatbot provides helpful information regarding the disorder and connect the user to the right resources. Our chatbot also does Cognitive behavior modification to talk people out of the disorder by slow behavior modification.

This project is the brain child of Daniela who herself struggled with eating disorder and now is on a mission to tell her story and help people suffering from this disorder.

Meet the founders


MBA / MSA graduate from Suffolk University and a B.S degree in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University. Easily adapted to different environments, fast learner, close attention to detail, and hard work ethic. Enjoy working in teams, solving problems, and developing efficient and innovative ideas to bring positive business results. Experienced in wealth asset management audit processes and data analytics.


Computer Science Student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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