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Doctors new tech fund

Doctors new tech fund is a fund for Doctors who want to invest in highly scalable new technology ventures in healthcare.

Doctors who are at the forefront of care delivery understand the need of innovation and are more likely to invest in early stage ventures as they experience the problem first hand.

We are seeking Doctors who want to be part of the fund. The fund will be managed by an administrator and the investments will be made collaboratively by the group.

Email Dr. Kalyan Kalwa at for inquiries.

Equity crowdfunding

We are in the process of implementing an equity crowdfunding platform. This platform allows anyone to invest in our startups, you don't have to be an accredited investor.

Investments can be as low as $100 and you will receive equity in the company based on the size of the investment you make.

If you know how to build an equity crowdfunding platform or if you have legal expertise in this area, we seek your help.

Email Dr. Kalyan Kalwa at if you want to help us with this.