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Dr. Kalyan (Kal) Kalwa

Dr. Kalyan Kalwa, a physician and pharmacist from India, came to the United States with a dream to practice medicine. However, soon after, he realized his true passion for information technology. After completing some IT courses, he worked as a quality analyst for over a decade. During this time, he realized that he wanted to make a much bigger impact in health care. Armed with a unique combination of skill sets from both medicine and the technology world, he co-founded Health innovators in 2012. His idea was to involve doctors and computer programmers in innovation. Starting small, the organization has grown to over 14000 members today. Kal’s entrepreneurial vision not only drives Health Innovators, but spans to helping others with the same passion. Kal believes in empowering others to achieve their goals. This trait extends beyond work, at the Toastmasters. Kal first started going to Toastmasters to improve his own public speaking skills; but eventually has served as the Cambridge area governor, helping others who are in the same shoes that he was in some years ago.

Dr. Mohan Venkataramana

Mohan holds a PhD from MIT and is a graduate of IIT Chennai. He is a true blue entrepreneur with 30+ years of software development experience.

His mission is to transform research and innovation in the labs into solutions and successful entrepreneurial implementations in the real world, and to provide creative tools and services to enable enterprises to reach their full potential. His mission is summarized by the four keywords: Research, Innovation, Solution and Entrepreneurship. He believes that knowledge and an innovative spirit are the key to human survival, and that successful realization of knowledge can only result from research and collaborative entrepreneurship. He believes that the ultimate goal of knowledge should be to create appropriate solutions that benefit society and foster human dignity. He is committed in contributing, whether in the form of finding creative scientific solutions, developing new ways to turn these ideas into reality, or helping those who are already making an effort to succeed.

Dr. Maninder Manihani

I am a medical doctor with specialization in Public Health with 18 years of experience in the healthcare sector in India. As a WHO Consultant with India's Tuberculosis Program, I worked as a Technical Adviser to the Government of India for one year (2004-05)

My key areas of expertise in public health are HIV/AIDS prevention, Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Tuberculosis, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Opioid use prevention and management(Harm reduction) and Family Planning.

Her areas of interest are:

  1. Mental Health promotion.
  2. Mitigating the harm of human trafficking
  3. Education and financial Empowerment of women and the LGBT community
  4. Harm Reduction and rehabilitation for Drug users and Alcoholics
  5. HIV/AIDS prevention , Care and Support.
  6. Sexual and Reproductive health

Dr. Gurleen Kaur

Being compassionate and goal driven woman, her overall mission is to be a skilled and dedicated Doctor as well as a Business Administrator in the health care industry.

In order to make her ambition a reality, she is committed to honing her abilities and additionally, gain experience. Her Physician degree has instilled in her excellent problem-solving abilities, research skills, diagnostic and lab related proficiency, as well as a desire to learn further.

She interned at SMS Medical College in Jaipur, dealing with emergencies, O.P.D patients, their families, and assisting senior doctors. All this gave her a feeling of responsibility towards human life and came to learn that human life is so precious. She decided to work for the benefit of human lives either in the clinical way or through administration in hospitals to enhance efficient service delivery. She pursued her post graduation degree in Family Medicine from RCGP, London which further enhanced her skills in medicine. She is a recent graduate of HULT international business school.

She is confident that her MBA degree will further her expertise and provide her with an immensely informative experience and thus will help her in moving ahead towards betterment of human lives.

Dr. Pavel Hradecky

A healthcare and life science professional, trained as a physician, with international work experience at the intersection of biomedical R&D, data analytics and business.

Namrata Patil

Namrata Patil has a background in finance, she earned an MBA in Finance from the Sasmira Institute of Management Studies and research in Mumbai, India. After this she worked with multinational banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and BNP Paribas ISPL in the field of compliance, ensuring enforcement of regulations and prevention and investigation of financial crimes. Namrata’s greatest strengths lie in being a visionary and an organizer, which naturally extend to her role of project manager at Health Innovators. Namrata has been instrumental in setting up meetings and ensuring seamless communication as well as task completion by all team members. She is excited about being part of an international community and the team where everyone has a diverse background and experience to contribute. Namrata wishes to use this experience to advance her future career goal of leading a multidisciplinary team.

Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Kaur earned her Masters in Economics & Management from the University of Rajasthan India. During her masters, Harpreet worked on a variety of projects that focused on the comparison of GDP and the Human Development Index (HDI), consumer behavior and economic valuation of natural resources. She also taught courses, such as Micro- and Macroeconomics, Fiscal and monetary policy, and Public finance to high school students. She began her professional career as a Human Resource Assistant at the BSG college of Information Technology in India. At Health Innovators, being a Human Resources Coordinator, Harpreet is responsible for working with the management team in defining and implementing training, recruiting, compensation, performance management, employee engagement, compliance, benefits and more. In her free time, Harpreet enjoys traveling and exploring new places, trying new foods and listening to music.

Alex Laktionov

A Project Manager who believes in the power of team building and achieving synergy with others through integrity and win-win solutions. The success of a manager is defined by the success of his team.

I enjoy working in a fast-paced work environment and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Making the team meetings concise and to the point is my passion. I love seeing people not only understand their work objectives but feel more enthusiastic and empowered.

Alex loves helping others to become better and develop their skills. He specializes in Project Management, team building, leadership, event planning, meeting facilitation, project coordination.

Michael Krieger

Michael Krieger, the co-founder of Health Innovators, is a business and financial analyst specializing in healthcare. With an experience of over 11 years in advising emerging enterprises and an entrepreneurial vision to increase the quality and reduce costs associated with health care, he leads the financial arm of the organization.

Michael has a masters in innovation and Technological entrepreneurship from UMass Lowell. At Health Innovators, Michael is involved in constantly refining the strategic vision and heading revenue generation activities. He has also been active in planning and hosting various events related to health care innovation; bringing people from different segments of the industry together for brainstorming and networking sessions. Michael envisions that by paying attention to details in the business process and digital marketing, HI can achieve phenomenal growth.

Outside of work, he volunteers for Boston Swing central, a nonprofit that helps preserve Lindy Hop, referees soccer games and participates in Toastmasters events.

Nauvya Srinivas

Nauvya Srinivas is the project coordinator /Lead of IT division at Health Innovators. Nauvya earned her Bachelors in engineering in Instrumentation Technology from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology in India. She has worked in the IT sector for over 4 years following this. Nauvya found HI via a volunteering website and was interested in learning more about business management in the IT industry. She has been meticulously helping us coordinate the website developers in India and delivering solutions to clients. Along with a technical background that helps Nauvya translate the client's requirements into a website, she has a creative bent that she successfully uses to consistently deliver excellent results. Her short term goal is to move into the management field in information technology and she believes that her experience at HI will help her make the decision between staying in the technical field or switching careers to the management side. Aside from work, Nauvya enjoys cooking, watching television series and reading online blogs.

Sangeet Mohanty

Sangeet started his career as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer graduating from Anna University, Chennai, India. He possess strong analytical and communication skills aided by a keen interest and aptitude for programming which helped him succeed at Cognizant Technology.

During his tenure at Cognizant, he worked on critical projects for a US Pharmacy giant and a Healthcare payer. When involved in projects, he has been recognized as being extremely innovative. His peers often reviewed him as creative, analytical and trustworthy. Apart from IT development, he is also adept at Project Management in the US healthcare market and utilized his knowledge to frequently assist managers and leads to create project plans.

Sangeet is a recent MBA graduate from Hult International Business School in Boston, he had the opportunity to work with colleagues from different countries and backgrounds. His strong interest in subjects such as finance, operations (project management) and strategy (business development, consulting and innovation) have made his learning even more fruitful.

Karine Herani

Karine started as a business lawyer 14 years ago, working with contracts, international trade, and e-commerce. The natural path was to get closer to business and after a time she was focused on business and international affairs only.

Her developed skills are deal diligence, problem-solving, international negotiation, relationship builder, corporate and start-ups consulting. Her soft skills are stronger related to interpersonal influential, team collaboration, high-energy and positive attitude. Reactiveness and agility are features developed with her experience and help her to be a proactive decision maker. She speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English.

Bina Maria

Bina is a software professional with over 3 years of experience in Application Design, Database Design, Development, Debugging and Testing. She has in depth knowledge in Object oriented programming. Experience in devising and implementing complex data structures and algorithms. Ability to understand, write and design software adhering to SDLC standards.

She is proficient in Java, C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL, Git

Paulina Koroschetz

Paulina is a strong communicator across languages, cultures, and fields of study. In addition, she is fascinated about innovative marketing trends and the power of digital advertising

As a result of her desire for lifelong learning, she gains further knowledge of new digital technologies and trends. What is equally important, is to know more about the cultural differences and commonalities within the international digital consumer world.

Dr. Priyanka Gupta

Dr. Priyanka Gupta is passionate about bridging knowledge to the current need of healthcare delivery. Being from a small industrial town, the need of healthcare was very evident to her since beginning. Hence, she earned her medical degree in India and completed Masters in Public Health from Drexel University, Philadelphia. She names herself as a public health physician and have worked in World Health Organization improving healthcare industry at the grassroot level in developing countries. She has expertise in program management, medical research, health system strengthening and community capacity building. With the advent of digital healthcare and involvement of it in Healthcare, she is aiming for using innovation in healthcare and became a initiator of such services around the globe. This goal binds her to the vision of Healthcare Innovators. Apart from that, She like to discuss about new edge breaking developments around the world on her social media and connect international Indians through her forum. She also loves to cook different cuisine and traveling in her rejuvenation time.

Health Innovators team over the years (2012 - 2017)

Health Innovators team over the years

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