My Story

Hi! My name is Nicco Zenere. I am a certified trainer, nutritionist, health coach, & owner of Health Coaching HQ. I've always been amazed how nutrition & fitness can affect one's life. This passion led me to receive my degree in Kinesiology then become the Director of Fitness for The Biggest Loser. As I coached thousands of individuals & some celebrities I've noticed how their healthier lifestyles impacted the people around them for the better. As my mom and sister are teachers, their impact on their students is monumental. This influenced me to create a company that focused on this aspect. When teachers are healthy & happy the students, our future leaders, will thrive!

What We Do

We work with schools to help them prioritize their employee's health so they can reduce stress, get healthier, and have a productive team atmosphere.

Why Choose Us

The average US teacher is overstressed which leads to decreased productivity & weight gain. As students are the future leaders, their teachers play a major role in their development. Our wellness program allows each individual to learn & practice healthy habits in the context of their unique schedule.

The Outcome

Our main goal is keeping the faculty & staff healthy, happy, & productive. We intentionally build a culture of health. This equates to maximized performance. They are also aware that the school is taking measures to ensure their health and well-being which breeds loyalty & responsibility. Employees who participate in this program have noted substantial improvements in work performance, concentration, energy levels, & health.