MoH - Tobacco Compliance Officer




Position : Tobacco Compliance Officer

Reports to : Manager, Tobacco Control Unit

Job Summary: To enforce the Tobacco Control Act with individuals, owners, and operators in public places such as restaurants and bars, workplaces, schools, hospitals, and other public facilities. Enforcement includes education and compliance strategies, enforcement protocols, record keeping/reporting, and any relevant health promotion messaging. Collaborates, partners and acts as liaison with other community agencies and government organizations to ensure compliance with the Tobacco Control Act and National Tobacco Control Programme.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducts enforcement activities associated with the Tobacco Control Act and any other pertinent tobacco control legislation.

  • Identifies in conjunction with other departmental staff, all prioritized public places and workplaces in Trinidad and Tobago to ensure compliance with the Tobacco Control Act.

  • Identifies and coordinates, in conjunction with Public Health Department staff, the inspection of all tobacco retailers in Trinidad and Tobago to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

  • Provides training and support to other department designated Enforcement Officers responsible for enforcement of any relevant tobacco control legislation.

  • Utilizes documents and investigates reports of violation, which may be used in judicial and courtroom proceedings.

  • Responds to public inquiries and complaints regarding the enforcement of the Tobacco Control Act.

  • Provides assistance with the development and implementation of media/public education campaigns concerning tobacco control enforcement activities in relation to the Tobacco Control Act.

  • Works with persons responsible for public places, workplaces, vendors and schools to ensure compliance with the Tobacco Control Act.

  • Reviews applications for tobacco licenses and submits to Manager, Tobacco Control Unit for presentation to the Tobacco Licensing Committee.

  • Submits quarterly reports to Manager.

  • Submits reports of violation to the Manager, Tobacco Control Unit for forwarding to the Legal Department, Ministry of Health.

Minimum Qualifications, Education and Experience

  • A Bachelor of Laws degree, Bachelor’s degree in Management, Economics or a related discipline or equivalent combination of education, skills and experience.

  • At least two (2) years of experience in interpreting the legislation of Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Experience in tobacco use reduction/control strategies is an asset.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Good computer skills. Experience with information systems is an asset.

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a member of an interdisciplinary team.

  • Good organizational skills.

  • Ability to prepare reports of violations for legal proceedings.