• Ms. Millington - Understanding Fashion HNC 3C, World of Fashion HNB 4M, Nutrition and Health HFA 4U, Food and Culture HFC3M, Exploring Family Studies HIF2O and Sewing Club
  • Ms. Sian -Food & Nutrition HFN 1O, Exploring Family Studies- HIF 2O, Nutrition & Health - HFA 4U, Food & Culture HFC 3M
  • Mr. Sumner - Families in Canada - HHS 4U
  • Mr. Pearson - Food & Nutrition -HFN 1O

In Family Studies, students learn hands-on, practical skills that they will use far beyond the classroom. Students in our courses will study nutrition and healthy living, cultural diversity, fashion and design, marketing and industry, environmental sustainability, sociology and anthropology. Most of all, they will have fun in class!


New for 2017/18 - HFC3M1 Grade 11 Food and Culture: Explore cuisines from around the world and learn how people live on every continent. Check out a few highlights from our first course...

Halton Skills Competition

2016 Medallist for Fashion, Amanda Boni with her prize winning vest

2017 Halton Skills - TAB brings home TWO medals for fashion design!!

grade 9 IRON CHEF winners 2015

Congratulations to our Grade 9 Food & Nutrition Iron Chef Winners, Spring 2016!

2017 saw TWO Blakelock Prize Winners in the Hamilton Spectator Dress Design Competition.

T.A. Blakelock Fashion Students showed off their creative expression in the 2015's Hamilton Spectator Newspaper Dress Design Competition. One dress was the winner of the competition!