Welcome to Grade 9 Pre-IB Math!

You can find all the handouts, homework, and videos to our daily lessons on this website, plus solutions to most of the work that we do in class and for homework. You can always reach me at

I'm available for extra help in the mornings, during Period 3 and the first half of Period 4.

Need help with math after school hours?

  • Get free online help for Grades 7 to 10 math help. Math tutors are available Sunday-Thursday from 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm. It's FREE! You get to chat with math tutors online, get 24/7 resources online, and use math learning tools and much more!


  • Set up a study group that can meet on line, after school or at lunch. Your peers are great resources for extra help if you have a question.

There is a Math Help Clinic at school on TUESDAY's and THURSDAY's at lunch. It is a clinic that is staffed for students to come to get extra help on math daily math work. Students can bring their lunch with them and stay for however long they need.

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USEFUL LINKS: for review or ongoing use throughout the course

IXL (online practise):

Khan Academy (tutorial lessons):

Estimation 180 -

Math drills (worksheets):