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Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Hello PW!

Here is some important information:

  • No Friday folder this week, enjoy your March Break!
  • P.D. Day Tomorrow! (March 10th)

Here is what we have been up to:

Literacy - We have been focusing on visualizing for reading and drawing while we are reading a book. We self-assessed our own work to see what we could work on when visualizing (this came home in the Friday folder). We have started researching about a chosen subject and are creating non-fiction books. Ask me about what my book is about and what my subtopics are! Everyone is doing an amazing job at collecting information and sharing their ideas in their book using non-fiction text features. We have also been working on sharing our ideas orally in community circles and during author's chair.

Math - We have been exploring 2D shapes! Ask me about the stations we have been working on and about problem solving with vertices (see pictures for the example questions). We will be continuing with geometry after March break with a focus on solids and mapping.

Social Studies - We have started looking into communities and seeing what we notice about them. We watched a really cool video about communities around the world and how they are different and/or the same as ours. Check out the video if you want! After the break we will be focusing on what communities need and want in order to be a community. We had a lot of great questions that will be leading our inquiries as well!

Science - The grade 2s have started to look at simple machines, check out the pictures from Mrs. Jensen's morning to see what simple and compound machines you see. We had a lot of great discussion from these photos!

Visual Arts - We have started to look at different artists and the elements of art they use (e.g., colour, lines, contrast, form). Last week we looked at Piet Mondrian and created shape art inspired by his work. We looked at colour, contrast and form/movement. Check out the finished pieces!

Hope everyone has a fantastic break!

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Happy Friday PW!

I hope everyone had a nice week. Here is some upcoming news and information:

  • Monday, February 20th - Family Day, enjoy the day with family!
  • Monday, February 27th - Term 1 Report Cards go home
  • Friday, March 10th - P.A. Day

Here is what we have been up to the last few weeks!

Literacy - We have been focusing on looking at non-fiction text features by searching in books for them and visualizing when reading our read aloud "Word of Mouse". In writing we have been wrapping up our letters and moved on to focusing on media and giving our opinion of things by writing reviews. We started by writing a review for "Big Bob, Little Bob", then we moved on to a review with your choice of subject (e.g., book, game, video, movie, TV show, restaurant). We will then choose a type of media to share our final review (e.g., announcement, poster, video, website, etc.).

Math - In math we have been exploring time and temperature in our lives. This week we worked on math conferences based on three special times in your day. We also worked through some math stations based on time (e.g., making a clock, reading about time, investigating different clocks/timers, games on the computer, etc.). Ask me about my favourite station!

Science - A lot of interesting things have been going on that connect back to our science units! Someone brought in a volcano and showed us how to make it erupt! It was really interesting to see how liquids and solids interacted with each other and how much force the foam had when it was coming out of the volcano. The grade 2's also noticed that the Cabane a Sucre was a liquid turning to a solid because of how the temperature changed! We have been starting to explore science in different focus stations (e.g., creation, research, investigation, sharing, planning) and a lot of students have been planning and creating toys (grade 1 toys/machines show how energy works and grade 2 toys have to float!). We will be continuing these stations next week! Take a look at the pictures to see how we are integrating our math and science ideas at our investigation station.

Social Studies - The grade 1's have been focusing on how to be responsible by making a difference in our local community and even our classroom. The grade 2's looked at Valentine's Day and some researched where it's history.

Take a look at the pictures to see everything else that we have been up to! Have a great long weekend!

Friday, January 27th, 2017

Hello PW!

Important Notices:

  • Homework - We have homework this weekend! :) The grade 1s will be doing a search at home (or anywhere else if you would like) for objects that need energy to work! The purpose of this is for them to see that energy is needed for so many things in our lives and to start thinking of sources of energy. The grade 2s are searching for matter in their lives, their focus is looking for things in their lives and how their matter matters. For example water is a liquid and is an important liquid to help us live! We discussed how some things are not so easy to define, like hairspray can actually be a gas and a liquid! I hope this homework gets you talking with your students about these topics to create a connection with home and school! These are due Monday, I am looking for quality not quantity (so do not worry about filling in the whole chart).
  • Friday Folder - The grade 1s had a pre-assessment we did this week in their folders, I wanted to see what they already knew about word problems, so this was our first try! We will be continuing with word problems next week. The grade 2s had their comments from their water inquiry presentation.

Important Dates:

  • Carnaval - Outdoor day is next Wednesday, February 1st. Please come dressed to play outside for two periods (or longer with recess). More information will come home in agenda (e.g., colours to wear). Thursday, February 2nd we will be enjoying a cabane a sucre experience!

We had a very exciting and busy week this week. Here is what we have been up to:

Literacy - We have finished our conferences for letters and have started to focus more on non-fiction text features (e.g., index, titles, photos, table of contents, etc.) and making connections (e.g., text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to world). Some feedback about making connections will come home next week about our newest chapter book read aloud Word of Mouse. Next week we will start talking about non-fiction writing! We will be connecting this with our science inquiries and ponderings.

Math - This week we were focusing on identifying strategies that we use for addition and subtraction. We created anchor charts in groups for different strategies with a definition and an example for each (e.g., doubles, place value, making ten, etc.). It will help the grade 1s when they focus on word problems and grade 2s when they are focusing on double digit addition and subtraction.

Science - What a week for science! We continued our focus on dams. The grade 1s focusing on water power and how it creates energy and the grade 2s have been focusing on how liquids and solids interact. We created dams today and we had a BLAST! Take a look at the process and ask me about my plans and how I reflected after testing my dam out. Next week we will be focusing more on types of energy (grade 1s) and the molecular structure of liquids and solids (grade 2s).

Visual Arts/Social Studies - This week we celebrated Chinese New Year! We had a fun time creating the dragon for the parade (grade 2s) and masks (grade 1s). We learned about the importance of Chinese New Year and why the colours are red and yellow! We celebrated on Friday with a parade, see the pictures for our masks and dragon we made!

Music - This week they created musical instruments and performed something for their new music teacher (along with drama and health) Mrs. Cormier (Mrs. Laroque is on maternity leave). These will go home on Monday!

新年好 !! (I hope that is correct, Happy Chinese New year!! :) )

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Hello PW!

Important Notices:

  • Friday Folder - Please make sure the work comes back in the Back to School side of the folder. I keep a portfolio for students and sometimes they are not finished with the work or have not yet reflected on their work yet. Please make sure these folders are returned on Monday to make it easier for me to organize the files.

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Primary Choir Trip - January 25th, 2017
  • Carnaval - February 1st (outdoor activities) and 2nd (one outdoor activity)

Welcome back from the winter break, here is what we have been up to (lots of pictures to look through, please ask your student about what we are doing in the pictures for clarification).

Literacy - We have been focusing on many different things! In writing we have been focusing on writing letters (to friends, family, imaginary people, characters from books/TV etc.). We have also been looking at what makes up a sentence, and during word work have been creating sentences using word cards. For reading we have been working on making connections when we are reading different books. Before the break, we read the book Charlotte´s Web and watched the movie and compared the two. We have started to read Word of Mouse and have discussed our connections with it (e.g., text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to-world) and also created a success criteria for what makes a good connection. This week we started to look at non-fiction text features, as we will be learning about writing non-fiction books! For oral we have continued to work on Author´s chair, community circle and our social studies presentations.

Math - We have been focusing on addition strategies. We spent a few weeks doing activities to practice different strategies. We are now creating posters to share each strategy and give an example of each. This goes with our number and picture talks we have been working on. I will post pictures of the posters and strategies when we are finished. The grade 2´s have been focusing on double digit addition with and without regrouping using place value. Next week we will be focusing on subtraction and beginning problem solving.

Science - Dams, dams and more dams! We went for a nature walk a week ago to look at the river and we found something pretty exciting! We noticed that there was a large stream flowing down the path towards the river. We followed the stream to see where it came from. The students also started to create dams to try to stop the water. This led us to an inquiry on dams! The grade 1s have been focusing on energy, and we looked at water and it´s power and how it creates electricity. The grade 2´s have been focusing on liquids and solids and we looked at how a dam is a solid structure that interacts with a liquid (water) to create power. We have started to create plans for a dam that we will be testing this week!

Social Studies - We are working on finishing up our presentations. They have been a great way of wrapping up this unit!

Visual Arts - We made beautiful snowflake art using pastels and water colour paint! We connected this art activity back to science for liquids and solids (how solids can absorb or repel) and math (symmetry).

Have a great week!

Friday, December 16th 2016

Hello PW!

I can't believe it is already half way through December. My apologies for missing a few weeks, it has been extremely busy at school with the conferences, winter concert and now the musical starting up!

Here is some important information:

  • Friday Folders - There will be no Friday folder this week, with everything going on students have not finished their second recount. Some work will come home to stay at home for the winter break though. A reminder to please make sure you look through these with your student and discuss any stars and wishes/goals they have for themselves.
  • Home Reading - Please remind your students that they can change these at anytime throughout the week. Next week I will be asking for them back on Thursday to make sure we have them all in order before the break. Please continue to read at home over the break.
  • DreamBox - Did you know that you can access DreamBox at home? In your student's agenda is a username and password for DreamBox, and the link is under "Cool Sites" on this website. It is a great way to reinforce things we are learning in math.
  • Drive - All students have a login for google drive. If you go to and click "sign in" students can access their drive from home. Most students have created a published version of their written work. Please encourage them to write at home as well, play around with slideshows, search on pebble go and share information about things that excite them!

Here is what we have been up to:

Literacy - We have wrapped up writing about recounts (for now) and have moved onto letter writing! We have been exploring different reasons for writing letters, who we can write letters to and what a letter looks like. Can't wait to see what fun ideas they come up with! We have also been discussing whether or not an email is a letter. Ask your student what they think! We will continue with letter writing next week. We have also started focusing on making connections when we are reading, which we will continue to focus on into the new year. We have also been learning about types of words! We started with nouns, then moved onto adjectives. Ask me about the noun hunt, and adjective bag for fun game ideas for home. Next we are going to talk about verbs!

Math - We have continued to learn and focus on number sense (e.g., addition/subtraction strategies, number relationships) through exploration with games and with math congress. Take a look at the pictures from our organizing and grouping activity. Where we learned that grouping things into groups of 10 makes it much easier to count and recount to check our answers. We have also been focusing on looking at pictures and talking about our math thinking. Take a look at the snowflakes and triangle snow picture and ask me my thinking! We will continue to look at pictures to talk about our math thinking, Please feel free to bring in any picture you think would inspire math thinking!

Science - Grade 2's have been finishing up their water inquiry projects and presentations, and they explored our neighbours Science fair (ask me about what I saw!). Grade 1's will be creating seasons around our classroom! One of our students came up with the idea of decorating each corner of our classroom like a different season to show things in each season. We will be working on this all day today!

Social Studies - The Grade 2's will be joining Mrs. VanDongen's class all day today to explore different winter holidays! Ask them about everything they learned about the holidays. The Grade 1's will be working on timelines of their lives to share important parts of their life and how their roles and responsibilities have changed over the years. For both grades there will be a presentation coming up after the new year. I will be sending home information about this on Monday to take home over the winter break.

Visual Arts - We have been continuing to focus on value and colours, we made some beautiful art for the winter concert that will come home next week. This week visual arts will be connected to social studies for the grade 2's (during the holiday day today) and science for the grade 1's (for the season day today).

Next week we will also be working on some fun enrichment tasks! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Hello PW!

Sorry for the delay in this post. Here is some important information for this week:

Progress Reports and conferences - Progress Reports go home today! (Monday) Conferences are being held all of this week. Students have been working hard on preparing for these conferences. They will be 15 minutes long. I will set a timer to ensure that everyone gets the same allotted time for their conference. Please arrive 5 minutes before your given time to make sure we stay on schedule. The conferences will talk about the student's learning skills and they will be showing 3 pieces of work that they have chosen. There will be about 5 minutes at the end for discussion. Looking forward to getting a chance to sit down and talk with everyone!

Anti-Bullying Week - This week is anti-bullying week. We will be dressing in a different colour every day to show that we are standing up against bullying.

Monday - Red

Tuesday - Orange

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday - Blue

Check out this link for more information and a song about anti-bullying Click here

See & Hear - See and hear information has gone home today in the agendas, please check the front pocket for the results.

What we have been up to:

Literacy - We have been working on recount, discussing and writing about things we have done in the past (like a retell for our lives!). We have been working on sharing in our community circles, and writing about it during writer's workshop.

Click here for the success criteria for recount!

Math - We have been moving through stations that help us understand numbers. Ask me about any of these stations and what we are working on in them:

  • Writing Numbers
  • Place Value Name
  • Hundreds Chart
  • 10 Frame War
  • Wanted Posters
  • Math about me
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Number Line

We have also been working on number talks and exploring numbers in different ways (e.g., math picture talks, dot talks, counting things in our classroom).

Science - The grade 2's have been continuing to work on their water inquiry projects. The grade 1's have been working on their season scenes - check out the success criteria in the pictures. As a class we have also been exploring our shadows! While reading Charlotte's Web the students began asking inquiry questions about shadows. We created a wonder of the week: Why do we have shadows and why do shadows move? On Friday we went outside and did a bunch of activities and experiments with our shadows. We noticed a lot of really cool things about the sun and our shadows. We will be continuing our learning during our wonder and wander time.

Friday, November 11th, 2016

Hello PW Families,

Some updates from this week:

Student-led conferences

  • Thank you everyone for handing back the forms in time! I will send out dates next to ensure that you can make your time. If you have any problem with the time please let me know ASAP so we can reschedule you. I tried my best to fit everyone in for their top 2 times. I look forward to the student's sharing their great work and learning skills with you.

Remembrance Day

  • This week we have been focusing a lot on Remembrance Day and why it is important. Today (Friday) we had an assembly to show our appreciation for those who fought in the wars and for those who are still fighting to keep the peace. The choir did a fabulous job! Winter concert is only 1 month away!

Friday Folder

  • There will be more work coming home next week (science and social studies)! My apologies, I just want to make sure the students are all finished before you get to see what we have been up to. :)

Here is what we have been up to this week:

Literacy - We have been focusing on questioning. Take a look at some of the questions we have been asking before, during and after reading. Asking questions helps us understand what we are reading and have a deeper understanding of the topic. We have also been perfecting our Writer's workshop. This week we had lots of students finish publishing their work and share in the author's chair! Take a look in the Friday folder for our writing goals that we came up with during our conference time. Next week, we will be focusing on recount.

Math - We have moved on from patterns onto number sense! We are focusing right now on numbers and showing them in different ways (e.g., place value, words, hundreds chart) and interacting with them in different ways (e.g., show patterns, adding them, seeing them in our lives). Next week we will continue with our centres and keep practicing our number talks.

Science - The grade 1's have been working on their season scene and the grade 2's are working on their water projects. The grade 2's also began talking about the water cycle, next week we will be doing a creative project to share what we know about the water cycle!

Learning Skills - We have been working on learning about our learning skills. We are doing self-reflections about how we are doing with our learning skills and creating goals to improve them! We will be sharing our goals during the student-led conferences next week. :)

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Hello PW!

Some updates from last week:

Student-Led Conferences

  • Please hand these back in by Friday, November 11th. I will be sending home your time for a student-led conference with the progress reports on Monday, November 21st. If you need a new sheet please let me know ASAP. These conferences will be 15 minutes and will be student-led. Students have already started working on these conferences, they plan what they share and how they want to share it. They will be sharing things they are doing well and goals they have for their learning.

World Paper Free Day

  • On Thursday, the grade 2's joined Mrs. Vandongen's class to learn about paper and how much we use of it! THe discovered a lot of new information about paper and paper waste. On Friday, we participated in World Paper Free Day and went the whole day without using any new paper! Today (Monday) we are tracking how much paper we use to see if we can reduce the amount of paper we use. Stay tuned for how we use this information for math!

This is what we have been up to this week:

Literacy - We have started to look at questioning. Asking questions before, during and after reading. You can practice this at home during your home reading time! Take a look at some of the questions we asked during our Halloween read aloud. We have also been focusing on Writer's workshop and using editing checklists to look over our work.

Math - We have continued our work with patterns and created a final product in art. We did a great job of sharing what we know about patterns (e.g., types and characteristics) in a creative form! We also did some fun Halloween math activities to learn more about numbers.

Science - The grade 1's have been focusing on sharing what they know about seasons (e.g., what animals do, what happens to plants) and how it transitions from one season to another. We also created a calendar together as a class to share what exciting things are happening this month! The grade 2's began a inquiry project on water where they created a wondering or something they wanted to know more about water.

Social Studies - The grade 1's have been focusing on responsibilities at home. This week we partnered up and compared our responsibilities at home, we definitely learned a lot about each other! The grade 2's learned about Diwali and Halloween. We learned how celebrations can change when we move from one place to another, and where symbols of Halloween came from! Did you know witches were originally people who healed others? And people were just afraid of their healing powers that they would create with herbs!

Visual Art - This week we integrated math into our art! Take a look at some of the pictures to see how we used shape, line, colour and numbers to make patterns!

Friday, October 28th, 2016

Hello PW families!

Some important information for the week:

Monday, October 31st - Halloween Parade

  • Our class will be participating in our annual Halloween parade for primary classes, including 3/4 classes on Monday October 31st at 9:05 am. Students may wear their costume if they wish to, or can also participate wearing black and orange. Costumes must be safe and appropriate for school environment. Students who wish not to participate in the parade will have opportunity to go to library to participate in a supervised activity. The parade will go for about 2o minutes. We will have regular schedule resume starting period two. For safety reasons, parade will be held only on the main floor. If any parents want to watch the parade, they can stand in the hallways in front of lockers. If you have any questions, please let us know either by calling the office or by e-mail. Thank you for your support.

We Scare Hunger - Me to We

  • We are collecting non-perishable food items and other items like toothpaste, baby wipes, etc. to donate to our local food bank. Please bring any items in by November 1st, 2016. We have been doing an amazing job, our goal is 40 and we already have over 30 items! We should be so proud.

Friday Folder - Just a reminder of how it works:

  • In order to keep you up to date on your child’s progress, this work folder will be sent home every Friday. Please review the work with your child and keep anything on the side that says “Stay at Home” and sign and bring back anything on the side that says “Back to School” . I keep these to create a learning profile for each student to help with assessment and to see progress for your child. If you have any questions or comments about the work, feel free to make a note on the work or in the agenda message.

IEP Contact Record - Once you have received your Individual Education Plan, could you please sign the contact record and send it back to school so I can file it in your student's OSR.

Kelso's Choices: Please check out the chart for Kelso's choices. We have just started talking about Kelso and his nine choices. It helps students know what strategies they can use when a small problem arises. We will continue to learn about Kelso next week!

Home Reading - Must be returned on Fridays. During the week the folder can be brought back to exchange for a new book if you finish one, but it must be returned on Friday to keep track of your reading and of the books.

This is what we have been up to this week:

Math - We have been using our donations for the We Scare Hunger to do math talks. We have worked on estimating and number talks with them. We have also been working on sorting them based on different characteristics (e.g., size, type, colour, material) AND making patterns with them! We will also be estimating and counting the seeds in the pumpkin we have been doing experiments with. We have also been working on our exploration stations, see pictures for examples.

Literacy - We have finished our oral retell presentations! Information about these will go home in our Friday folder this week. We have also been working hard on our Writer's Workshop, with a focus on Procedural Writing. Examples of these will go home next week!

Science - PUMPKIN! We tested to see if our pumpkin would float or sink and we found out that it floats! We created procedural writing for our experiment. When we came back to school on Thursday, the pumpkin had sank. We had a great conversation about how the pumpkin absorbed the water and that it was hollow before but now was full of water. We noticed that it was much heavier then before we put it in the water. We wanted to see if there was water in it, so we made a hole in the bottom... and water came out! We also brainstormed different things we could do with the pumpkin. On Friday we cut open the pumpkin and examined what happened to it, we even got it to feel it (It was so gross!). We estimated how many seeds were in it, and researched about seeds, floating and sinking and pumpkins! Next week we are going to plant the seeds and see what happens!

Visual Art - We focused on value this week, we made a pumpkin using value and warm colours! These will come home next week. :) Check out this song to learn more!:

Monday is Halloween, can't wait to see everyone's costumes!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Hello everyone!

Some important information:

Home Reading - started this week. These books will go home on Mondays and the students can exchange them throughout the week when they finish them. On Fridays I ask that you return the book and folder on Fridays. I need them back so I can take account of the books and check the reading level and how it is going at home.

Friday Folder - went home for the first time today. Please read the instructions in the folder. These will go home every Friday. Please look over the book with your student and keep the work in the side that says "Keep at home" and sign and bring back the work on the "Bring back to school" side.

Dream Box: Today I introduced DreamBox and put their username and password at the front of their agendas. You can access this at home by going to "Cool Sites", then clicking on "DreamBox" then "Jensen". Then they can enter in their username and password. It is a great way for your student to practice number sense strategies at home.

WeScareHunger! - Our school has started their We Scare Hunger campaign. We will be collecting non-perishable foods to donate to our local food bank. Please start sending these in next week.

Homework - This weekend we have a little homework. The homework is to search around this weekend to see what patterns you can find and to bring in an example of a cool pattern you found. It can be a picture you drew, a piece of clothing you wear or anything else you can find! I can't wait to see what interesting patterns you can find in your life.

Here is what we have been up to:

Literacy - We have been continuing to work on our oral retells. About half of the students have completed their oral presentation, and next week we will be finishing them up. Check out the success criteria to see what the expectations are. We have also started on our Writer's workshop. We have been focusing on procedural writing. Check out our example we made for our visual arts activity! Next week we will begin conferncing during Writer's workshop and setting goals to improve our writing.

Math - We have been finishing up data management with conferences on a graph we are proud of. These reflections will go home in next week's Friday folder. The students were asked to tell me three things about their graph. We are moving onto patterning and number sense now. Check out some of the patterns the grade 1's were working on.

Social Studies - The grade 2's celebrated Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah with Mrs. Vandongen's class on Monday. Ask them about what they learned! The grade 1's focused on our families, and we will be looking at our responsibilities and roles within our families and how they change next week.

Science - Both grades have been focusing on asking questions and creating a hypothesis. We have also been working on our pondering time where we can research more about a question to find out more (e.g., by looking on the computer, in books, doing a hands on activity, asking an expert, etc.). The grade 2's have been examining paper airplanes and how they fly. Next week the grade 2's will be following their procedural writing in an experiment with paper airplanes outside! The grade 1's will be investigating changes they notice in the weather next week.

Visual Art - This week we focused on warm and cool colours. Check out our procedural writing we made just by looking at a painting! The final results were amazing!

Have a fabulous weekend! :)

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Happy long weekend PW!

We had a lovely "short week" and I hope everyone has a well-deserved long weekend to relax and recharge.

Here is what we have been up to in our classroom:

Math - We have been wrapping up our Data Management unit (sorting, bar graphs and asking questions). Next week we will be looking at connecting our ideas with science and our wonderings.

Literacy - We have continued to focus on literacy exploration and sharing our ideas in different ways (e.g., felt board, writing, listen to reading). We have been working on retelling stories as a class.

Self-regulation /Visual Arts - We have been working on learning about our regulation zones. This week in art we created faces that show different emotions and coloured them based on the zone you are in when you are feeling it. Next we will be working on what strategies and tools we can use to help ourselves when we are in each of those zones.

Science - We have been focusing on one or two questions a week (based on questions asked by students). Last weeks was "Why are there so many logs and fallen trees in the forest?" On Monday we went on a nature walk to explore and find clues to see why trees had fallen down and why there were so many stumps and logs. We found some really interested trees and stumps, that we took pictures of then discussed them on Tuesday. We also looked in books to see what information we could find to help understand more about the trees. This initiated a lot of discussion and writing, the students worked really hard! We then had a knowledge circle about what we found out through this whole process. Our focus this month has been on this inquiry process and how we can start with a question, explore, investigate and next we will be working on sharing our final ideas.

The grade 2's did an exciting activity where we tested out 6 different paper airplane. They wanted to see which one would go the furthest and then figure out WHY it went that far. Now we are making bar graphs to show our results.

Hope to see everyone on October 13th for our open house!

4:30-5:30- BBQ

5:30-6:30 - Presentation about self-regulation

6:30-7:30 - Check out the classrooms!


Our day to buy books at the book fair is Friday, October 14th. Please bring in money if you want to buy this day! Last day to buy is Monday.

*Sorry I had this written and forgot to post it on Friday!!* :)

Friday, September 30th


I cannot believe it is the end of September already. We have had a really busy week here at Pilgrim Wood. Here is what we have been up to:

Math - We have continued to work on sorting, graphing and asking questions about graphs. We have also started to try to answer our friends questions that they made up about graphs. See the pictures for examples! We learned how to make a pictograph and have started to focus on collecting information from everywhere around us (e.g., things from our science investigation station, sorting questions from our wonder tree).

Literacy - We have continued to work on literacy exploration. We have continued to look at retells and how to retell a story, ask about "felt mania". And also, ask about Terry Fox, we spent our literacy exploration time on Tuesday researching and reading about him.

Science - The grade 1's spent time with Mrs. Sault and her grade 1's on Wednesday. They learned a song about the seasons and drew a picture to describe each season! We will go on a nature walk on Monday, to try to collect information for our wondering question of the week "Why are there so many logs and fallen trees in the forest?". The grade 2's spent time on Monday on our online KWL chart. We took our questions from last week and the books we got from the library and Pebblego to find out information about them.

Visual Arts - We read a book called "The way I feel" and looked at colours and the feelings they go with. We drew pictures using different colours to show different feelings. We will be using this learning to start looking at regulation zones! ALSO! A student caught Mrs. Jensen's mistake when I put up the colour wheel on the wall, I mixed up the blue and purple! :)

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Hello PW Families!

What a great week we had. We have been getting to know each other really well, and having a great time learning together. Here are some of the things we have been focusing on:-

Math - We have been working on collecting information, sorting it and graphing. This week we did some surveys as a class and tried to share the information in different ways (e.g., tallies, bar graph, on the computer, using lego). We also started working on asking interesting questions about graphs. Today (Friday) we got into groups and made up questions about graphs (e.g., How many people liked pizza?, How many more people like salad than pizza?). Next week during math exploration, we will continue to practice making graphs but we will also be answering each others questions that were made up!

Literacy - We have been practicing our literacy exploration time, and boy are we getting good! We get to choose between Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Word Work and Work on Writing. See below for the expectations we came up with for each thing! We have also started to focus on retells. Take a look at the retell hand and see if you can work on retells together at home when reading! :)

Science - We have been focusing on questioning and researching. We have been using our wonder tree to ask questions. We also have a question of the week that students put their ideas of what they think. For example, our two questions this week were: "Why do woodpeckers peck wood?" and "Why was the bee digging in the ground?" after looking at two videos (one from our walk and one that Mrs. Jensen saw last weekend - this one is down below too!). On Friday we explored these two questions more and researched in books and online (PebbleGo). We found out a lot of information and we think we know the answers to our questions now! We are going to continue to explore our questions with more nature walks. The grade 1s will be focusing on seasons and daily changes and the grade 2s are focusing on air and water in our environment. Can't wait to see what we will learn about!

Visual Arts - We did a big group project and made a colour wheel together! Check out the pictures to see how it turned out (it looks amazing!). We talked about primary and secondary colours. Check out this video too! Click here to see video

Can't wait for next week! :) Here is what is coming up:

Tuesday, September 27th - Terry Fox Run! Please donate online on cashless! :)

Wednesday, September 28th - The grade 2s are going on a field trip to the Water Festival!

Have a great weekend!


Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey from last week it really helps me a get to know the students better!

Here are some pictures of our classroom, it is slowly becoming a place that reflects the students and their learning. :)

Over the last week, we have been working hard on our routines and becoming a learning community. Take a look at some of the pictures below to see what we have been up to.

Check out this cool video we took while on a nature walk on the trail!

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