Grade 1 Explorers!

This week at a glance: Monday, October 15 - Friday, October 19th

Monday - Library, Choir (second break)

Tuesday - Music, Pizza Day and Photo Day (at the beginning of the day)

Wednesday - Library and French

Thursday -

Friday - Gym

This week at a glance: Monday, October 8th- Friday, October 12th

Monday - Thanksgiving Day (No School)

Tuesday - Music and Pizza day

Wednesday *Monday schedule - Gym, Library and Lunch Lady

Thursday *Friday schedule - Gym

Friday - Gym

Upcoming Date(s):

  • Tuesday, October 16th - Photo Day

This week at a glance: Monday, October 1st - Friday, October 5th

Monday - Gym, Library and Primary Choir (second break)

Orange Shirt Day

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - French, Mrs. Jensen away in the afternoon (Mr. Cumming will be in again!)

Thursday - Visual Arts, A new volunteer will be joining us (Miss McCraffrey)

Friday - P.A. Day - No school for students!

Monday, October 8th - Thanksgiving day no school

Orange Shirt Day:

Orange shirt day is an extremely important day in Canada. The idea of orange shirt day "grew out of Phyllis' story of having her shiny new orange shirt taken away on her first day of school at the Mission, and it has become an opportunity to keep the discussion on all aspects of residential schools happening annually. "

On Friday, we watched Phyllis' story and discussed questions we had. A lot of students did not know what a residential school was. So today, we read the story "When I was eight" which is based on a real experience of Margaret Pokiak-Fenton (Olemaun). Together as a class we discussed the differences and similarities between her school experience and our school experience. This conversation really helped students understand how students like Olemaun may have felt when they were away from their family and having their identity changed.

See some links and pictures below to guide conversations with your student!

When I was Eight Read Aloud

Phyllis' Story

Shi-Shi-Etko (we will be reading this Tuesday to continue our conversations)

When I was Eight Book

Our Comparison

We discussed the differences and similarities between the schools. We also voted using tallies which school we would rather go to and discussed the feelings that students like Olemaun might have had when going to residential schools.

This week at a glance: Monday, September 24 - Friday, September 28th

Monday - Gym

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - French, Terry Fox Assembly (first period)

Thursday - Mrs. Jensen away (in the morning)

Open House 5PM-6PM BBQ (orders for BBQ had to have been made already, there will be a booth to pick up tickets at the event)

Open Classrooms 6PM-7PM - The school will be open during this time for you to visit the classrooms.

Important Notice: The purpose of this visit is for everyone to meet each other and for your student to show you what they have been up to in the classroom. We will be having student-led conferences in November where we can discuss student progress, this is not something we can talk about during the open house because of privacy issues. Thank you for your understanding!

Friday - Terry Fox Run (period 3), bring clothing for the weather

See what we have been up to during exploration time!

Building new inventions with K'nex

Creating with magnets. We had a lot of interest in exploring magnets and how they interact with metal. We have also been focusing on asking questions to deepen our understanding of things.

We have a lot of friends in our class interested in creating using paint. We can use these paintings during Writer's Workshop when we need inspiration for writing.

Some friends have been creating games and maps by attaching pieces of paper together. What do you think this is a map of?

We have been working on our morning routine. Ask me about what I like to do during exploration time!

What other ideas could we add to our list?

Ask me about our writing binders! We use these to help us organize our work and so that we can go back and revise our writing pieces.

During exploration time, a friend created a storage unit that stores different objects.


Hello and welcome our website! I am so excited to start this school year and to learn more about all of the friends in our class. Below is some important information about the upcoming year. Please also take a look around the website to find out more about what this year will look like.


Please take a minute to fill out these two surveys, it will help me get to know you! It will also go towards reviewing and updating each student’s Independent Education Plan (IEP). Click on the words to access the forms. If you have trouble with this, feel free to contact me for help


We do have the basic tools in the classroom (e.g., pencils, crayons, paper), but if you can it is helpful if you have the following things: (These are NEVER mandatory, we always have extra materials and headphones available!)


  • I ask that each student bring in a pair of small headphones to use for computers and the listening centre. You may purchase these at Dollarama for less than $3. Please send these into the class in a Ziploc baggie with your child’s full name labeled on the front of the bag. Thank you!

If you would like to make a donation to the classroom, please consider the following:

  • Old wooden toys (e.g..,
  • Books that your child no longer reads (sets of chapter books, non-fiction books)
  • White board markers
  • Leftover paper towel rolls or other sturdy cardboard
  • Old clean containers (e.g., coffee canisters, glass bottles, baskets)
  • Ziploc baggies (large and small)

Housekeeping Items

  • Agendas will be used to communicate homework, special events, etc. Please check and sign these every night and feel free to communicate with me there (e.g., pick-up changes, questions or concerns).
  • Buses and Pick-up - Please email or message me in your student’s agenda if there are any changes in your student’s pick-up schedule (e.g., getting picked up early, taking the bus instead of getting picked up, etc.). This is extremely important for student safety and well being.
  • Homework in our classroom will be used to extend our learning from the classroom to your home life. I encourage you and your family to use the time during the week to wonder, read and explore your student's interests.
  • Lunches must be nut-free to respect the allergies of many students at Pilgrim Wood. Information about Pizza day and Lunch Lady will be coming home soon.
  • Indoor shoes are recommended for safety reasons and can be left in their lockers. Indoor running shoes will be needed for gym class on Monday and Friday.
  • Classroom Website is used to update you and your family on things happening in the classroom. I will post later in the week to share what we have been doing that week. I encourage you to look through the posts with your student and have them share what they are doing!
  • School Website - Take a look at what is going on at our school! You will find lots of information about our school here.
  • Contact - please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can write in the agenda, email me (, or call the school.

Coming Up

  • Open House will be Thursday, September 27th, more information to come!
  • Home Reading will begin in October. Until then I recommend reading everyday with your child.
  • Friday Folders are folders that are sent home with work with feedback and celebrations (from me or the student) on Fridays. The work is for you to look over with your child and to send back on Monday. There will be more information about this later in September!

Looking forward to an amazing year!

Mrs. Jensen