Welcome to Miss Bojeski's Classroom

Tues March 19th

Tomorrow is the Art Show. For those students who are participating they will be setting up at 1:30 just a little into the lunch period.

Parents are invited to attend. Art show period 5 from 2:05 to 2:55 in the gym. I am looking forward to the projects students have been working on. This should be fun.

Fri March 1st

Happy March!

Students were given their Waiver letters. Please sign them and return them. If the letters could be back by Thursday I can then begin to do my paper work. I realize the letter says within two weeks but we are going into the break and I am concerned about letters being lost. I thank you for your support.

Ozobot stories and activities need to be completed between Monday and Friday of next week along with Grade 6 Inquiry and the Grade 5s brochures and tic-tac-toe. I will be hearing presentations and collecting work beginning Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Thurs Feb 28th

All short stories and health projects should be done and submitted. I kept some students in today to complete work.

Ozobot stories and projects need to be done by next week. We are working on these.

Amal Unbound work is due on Monday with Table 1s vocabulary activity. Students have class time to work on Amal.

Current Events continue.

Thanks have a good night.

Wed Feb 27th

For those wondering what to do on this snowy Wednesday please refer below:

  • Both grades can work on Amal Unbound up to the summary section. Posted on the Google Classroom
  • Some in both Grades have yet to complete their short story and their health opinion paper again all posted on the Google Classroom
  • Some need to also go through the Google Classroom assignments and be certain they have completed all past work. If students cannot post on the classroom they can share their work with me on the Drive.
  • Both Grades can also work on their script or a shorter version of their short stories to fit their Ozobot setting that we have been working on.
  • For the Grade 5s I sent them home yesterday with their Conservation of Energy tic-tac-toe and some also took home their brochures.
  • For the Grade 5s they also have the art project to work on. The project is on the Google Classroom
  • For the Grade 6s they have their Science Inquiry to work on, some may choose to do the Art project there is also a Canada and It's Trading partners exercise to be completed as a group that I am sure some can work on.
  • Some signed up for Current Events for this week. I will hear these Thursday and Friday
  • For both Grades they also have the math games I have posted on this site.
  • Read...this is also good to do.

Stay safe everyone and I will see you tomorrow.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of my students who submitted work today. I am happy happy happy as I mark away. This class is amazing. Hard workers even on a snow day. Thank you all. Stay safe and see you tomorrow.

Monday Feb 25th

Pink Shirt Day Feb 27th

Some work for those at home:

For those home due to bus cancellations students can work on the following off of the Google Classroom

-I am not seeing all short stories posted they need to now be done

-I am not seeing all opinion paragraphs for health completed they now need to be done

-Letter to our Global Read Aloud class in British Columbia can be worked on

-I posted a new Art project for the Grade 5s the MUST do the project the grade 6s may do the project since they participated last year.

Students should be busy at home completing their work. Thanks

Fri Feb 22nd

Grade 6s need to dress warmly for Warplane Heritage Museum. It can be quite cold there. Also they need a disposable lunch.

Thurs Feb 21st

Permission forms for the Grade 5 Hamilton Conservatory trip were handed out today. Permission forms need to be submitted before March 29th. We go on April 5th. A parent volunteer would be appreciated.

Tues Feb 19th

Just a reminder that tomorrow we are on a Friday rotation schedule. We also have outdoors activities periods 3 and 4 tomorrow so students need to dress warmly.

Thurs Feb 14th

Happy Valentine's Day

Pledge envelopes sent out for Beaudoin Beat today.

We worked well today. Enjoy your long weekend.

Wed Feb 13th

Valentine's Day is always fun.

Students can exchange Valentine's during second half of first break tomorrow. Thursday is also wear pink and white day.

Mon Feb 11th

A few things to consider

Upcoming dates:

Feb. 12 - Grade 7 Immunizations

Feb. 12 & 13 - Grade 3 Swimming (p.m.)

Feb. 13 - School Bus Safety Sessions (a.m.)

Feb. 13 - Junior Boys Volleyball @ CRB (4 - 9 p.m.) rescheduled

Feb. 14 - Valentine's Day - wear red, pink or white / Candygram's distributed throughout the day

Feb. 15 - PA Day - No School for Students

Feb. 18 - Family Day - School is Closed

Feb. 19 - 22 - Carnaval week

Feb. 19 - Switch Day - Monday Schedule

Feb. 20 - Switch Day - Friday Schedule

Feb. 20 - Concert and Jazz Bands to Golden Horseshoe Festival

Feb. 25 - Term 1 Report Cards sent home

Feb. 25 - (Tentative) Grade 6 trip to War Plan Museum rescheduled

Feb. 26 - Grade 2 Skating

Feb. 27 - The "Big Sip" (more information to follow)

Feb. 28 - Grade 7 & 8 - Skiing and Bowling Trips

Monday Feb 11th

The weather has been frightful. Students have homework should buses be cancelled such as: Health assignment, short story, Grade 6 Science Inquiry, read, math games posted on the Google Classroom. All assignments I just mentioned are on the Google Classroom. I know life is busy so I will post this message again when we are facing another storm. Be safe everyone.