Ms. Stewart's Class


Dear Families,

Welcome back! I'm very excited to share this year of leaning with your child! I will be using this website for important news and to share classroom learning. Please refer back to this website at "News and Agenda Items" as it will continue to be updated throughout the year.

Please remember to send in a pair of indoor shoes. Please label all belongings.

Our class would appreciate donations of straws, kleenex and spoons. If you are able to send in any of these items, it would be greatly appreciated!

We will be going to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will have library every Wednesday. We have French on Thursday (see Schedule).

Students are invited to join Google Classroom (2017-18 Stewart) using the Class Code 1l9or1. In the near future, we will begin using Google Classroom for Math Reflection Questions and/or Math Word Problems. Please stay tuned.

We will be using a "Blue Communication" Pouch to deliver papers and notes back a forth from school. We ask that you return the "blue" communication pouch" to school each day.

Please feel free to contact me by email (, by phone (905-877-0151) or send a note in with your child.

I am looking forward to a great year!

Ms. Stewart

Google Classroom


Dreambox Learning Instructions: Login: Halton Cloud login (e.g., 1smithjon) password: 4 letter Halton Cloud Password (e.g., wxyz) School & iPad Code: z3vf/silvercps

Login: (e.g., 1smithjon)

Password: 4 letter Halton Cloud Password (e.g., wxyz)

School & iPad Code: z3vf/silvercps

RAZ Kids

Teacher Login:



4 letter Halton Cloud Password (e.g., wxyz)






Login: Halton Cloud Login (e.g.,

Password: 4 letter Halton Cloud Password (e.g., wxyz)

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