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TODAY'S GOALS: Work Hard, Be Nice, & Make A Difference!


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WELCOME to MsDunnOnline.ca

This website will be used as a web portal, a communication tool, and will enhance learning in and outside the classroom. Please feel free to explore this site freely and know that all websites/videos linked to this site have been pre-approved for students and families.

This school year I am excited to continue teaching a Grade 7 Homeroom! I am also looking forward to the world of science with Grades 6 & 7.

Use the left navigation menu to surf around the website. Subject Specific Material can be found under each grade tab.

I recommend that students and families sign up for the free messaging service from Remind.com to receive updates (upcoming assignments, tests, quizzes, permission forms, etc). Messages can be delivered via Remind.com App, Text Message, and/or Email.

Should you have any questions or would like to touch base, please use the contact info on the side.

Happy Learning,