Monday May 27, 2019

Tomorrow we will be starting EQAO. Students will be writing periods 1-4 for the next 3 days. Please ensure your child has a good nights sleep, a good breakfast and arrives on time as we start right away.

I am very proud of each one of the students in our class as they have been working hard all year. Good luck!

Friday May 10, 2019

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms of students in class 3-3! Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday May 7, 2019

Just a quick update!

What we are working on the next couple weeks:

Language: We are continuing to explore Non Fiction texts and students will have an opportunity to read some non fiction books, pull the information out from the book and create their own non fiction book including various text features. We are also continuing to prepare for EQAO with sample reading response questions and writing questions that review the different forms taught this year.

Math: We are currently finishing money and will be moving onto our last two units. Transformation Geometry (Reflection, Rotation, Translation) and then onto Probability which will continue into June.

Social Studies: We are currently working through our Heritage and Identity unit in social studies. Students have learned about different First Nation groups that lived in Canada in the past and we will start learning about different settlements in Canada and their interactions with the First Nations Peoples.

Health: We will be learning about personal safety (e.g., water safety etc) and how to stay safe in a variety of situations.

Tuesday April 16, 2019

This past month has been very busy! We have been working hard to learn new concepts in math and start a new topic in Social Studies!

What we are working on the next couple weeks:

Language: The two things we will be focusing on the next couple weeks are looking at Non Fiction books and being able to pull information from them and write an explanatory text. Students are expected to be able to find the main idea of texts as well as other important supporting details in order to explain what they have read/learned. Also, to celebrate Poetry Month, we have been working with one of our amazing librarians Ms. Grant who has been teaching our class about different types of poems! We will have an opportunity to create our own poems this month!

Math: The next couple weeks are going to fly by and in math we will be working very hard at doing different units. We are currently in the middle of our capacity/mass unit. We will be moving into money at some point next week. We will be focusing on counting money amounts up to $10 and creating change from this amount.

Social Studies: We have started about learning about Canada in the past. Currently we are learning about different Indigenous groups and how they lived. Over the next couple weeks we will explore this more as well as how the Early Settlers affected the different First Nations groups. We will also explore different groups that came to Canada in the past and exploring where they settled.

Health: We are finishing the program Kids Have Stress Too! In the next couple weeks and will be moving onto learning about different substances and how they can affect our body. We will be learning about the impact of the use of legal and illegal substances and decision making/behaviours.

Monday March 18, 2019

I hope everyone had a great March Break! Over the next couple weeks we will be finishing and starting some new units! Check out below what we're working on and how you can support at home.

What we are working on:

Language: We have been working on our descriptive writing! We have been using our five senses as well as figurative language (similes, metaphors) to help enhance our writing. In reading we will be working on Reading Responses (focus on the structure APE = answer, prove, explain/expand).

Math: We will be starting division this week and then moving into Geometry! Both 2D and 3D shapes. Students will need to be able to identify each shape and sort them according to different attributes.

Science/Social Studies: This week we will be finishing our Structures unit with an in class project. Starting next week we will be starting our final Social Studies Unit. Students will be learning about Ontario in the past. Exploring different indigenous communities that lived here and learning about the different communities that settled in Ontario.

Health: In January we started doing a program Kids Have Stress Too! We have been working on learning strategies to cope with stress in our everyday life. This program will continue until the end of this month. We will also be learning about Oral health.

Mrs. O'Driscoll

Thursday February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a PD Day (No School) and Monday February is Family Day (No School)! Please stay safe and have a wonderful long weekend with your families!

Mrs. O'Driscoll

Thursday February 7, 2019

We have been super busy the past month! February's Homework Calendar is being sent home tomorrow. If you are interested in any food or drinks, forms went home Tuesday and are due back soon.

Valentine's Day cookie sales are available now ONLINE ONLY. They're $1.25 and are due by tomorrow evening. They will be delivered on Valentines Day.

What we are working on:

Language: We have been working on writing procedures in class. In a couple weeks will be moving to descriptive writing with a focus on the 5 senses. In reading we are continuing working on our Reading is Thinking strategies. We will also be focusing on the main idea in stories.

Math: For the next several weeks we will be working on Multiplication and Division! We will be learning different strategies (using pictures, arrays, skip counting) to help learn multiplication/division and understand it better. Start practicing at home!

Science: We have started our Structures! We are focusing on creating and understanding structures and what makes them strong and stable. We are talking about natural vs manmade.

Health: In January we started doing a program Kids Have Stress Too! We have been working on learning strategies to cope with stress in our everyday life.

Tuesday January 8, 2019

Welcome back and Happy New Year! The next few weeks are going to be busy in Grade 3 as we finish up and start some new units! January's Homework Calendar will be going home tomorrow (Wednesday).

What We Are Working on in January

Math: We are finishing up Data Management this week and will be moving onto measurement. We will be measuring a variety of things using standard (mm, cm, m and km) and non standard units. We will be moving onto measuring the area and perimeter of objects


Language: we are reviewing all the types of writing we have done this term and will be completing a Writers Challenge where students will be producing all types of writing. In reading, we are working on our understanding of texts as well as inferring (reading between the lines).

Social Studies: we are finishing social studies this week and students will present their final projects

Science: By the end of January we will be starting our next unit in science...Structures!

Health: This month we will be focusing on finishing healthy eating

Friday December 14, 2018

Just a reminder that the Social Studies Research Project is due back on Monday. Without it, students will not be able start their Google Slides.

Thank you for your support!

Monday December 10, 2018

With this month coming to an end (only 10 more days of school until Winter Break!) we are wrapping up some units. One unit that we are wrapping up is Living and Working in Ontario. There will be a project that will be sent home on Wednesday this week. The research can be done at home with help from parents or siblings! Next week if students can bring back the organizer that they filled out at home and they are going to put the information into Google Slides. Please feel free to help your child with research as this is a very challenging skill.

If they are unable to research at home, they will be provided with a bit of time in class to do so.

Thank you for your understanding and keep your eyes out for the project.


Mrs. O'Driscoll

Tuesday December 4, 2018

December's Homework calendar went home yesterday. Be sure to read every night and try to complete the Reading and Math challenge of the day.

Blue Portfolios are going home today. Please take a minute over this week to go through with your child. A lot of the work you would have already seen from November, but there has been some new pieces added to the folder. Be sure to sign the December box on the front of the portfolio and return the folder and all of the work when you're done.

What we are working on in December:

Math: We are working on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes as well as using terms such as quarter after/to and half past. We will be looking at reading calendars and understanding the calendar.

We will be starting Data Management before winter break and will be focusing on understanding graphs, charts and surveys and the data collected-this will continue into January

Language: We have started letter writing and persuasive. When writing letters we want to make sure that we include the date, heading, body, closing and signature. We have talked quite a bit about persuasive language and why we persuade. The structure we have used for persuasive is OREO (Opinion, Reasons, Examples, Opinion (restating).

Reading-continuing to use the Reading is Thinking strategies and start to complete the monthly reading logs.

Social Studies: We are working on Mapping and understanding how to create and read maps. The last week of December, students will complete a small inquiry project where they will research a different city in Ontario and compare it to Milton.

Health: focus on healthy eating and looking at some cultural foods and figuring out where they are located in the food guide as well as natural vs processed foods and the nutritional value.

Thursday November 22, 2018

Students have been working very hard on putting together their Student Led Conference Portfolio with some work to show you! They are very eager to show you what they have done in class and some of their favourite pieces of work. Please make sure to arrive on time to your interview as we only have the allotted time.

What we are working on:

Math: Finishing Addition and Subtraction next week and moving on to Time. Reading clocks to determine time as well as understand what the terms: quarter to, half past quarter after means. Also, understanding calendar (e.g., what is the date in 23 days or what is the second Tuesday of the month).

Language: We have been working on recount writing (focusing on retelling what they did on the weekend, what their story was about etc) remembering to only focus on the main ideas. We have also been focusing on proper paragraphs (topic sentence, juicy details and concluding sentence).

*In all writing be sure to edit work with a focus on: does it make sense; capitals; periods/punctuation; can there be more detail added

With reading we have been focusing on thinking while we read-predicting, connecting, predictions, questions and inferences

Social Studies: Ontario! We are learning all about Ontario and the three regions. What it is to live and work here and what the land is like. We will be looking at municipalities and mapping in the upcoming weeks.

Health: Healthy Living - focus on healthy eating and where our food comes from in addition to making sure that what we eat has the 4 food groups.

Monday Nov 12, 2018

Student Led Conferences will be taking place next week. You will get your time by the end of this week or early next week. Please send back your forms ASAP.

We are in the middle of a lot of units right now...things to keep in mind if you want to practice at home

Math: Addition/Subtraction. Use a variety of strategies to solve problems (including word problems) to show your thinking.

Language: Working on recount, paragraph and using proper sentences. Make sure to add lots of detail.

Social Studies: Ontario! We are learning all about Ontario and the three regions. What it is to live and work here and what the land is like.

Health: Healthy Living - focus on healthy eating and where our food comes from

Monday Nov 5, 2018

Your child will be bringing home a blue folder today...this is their Student Portfolio. This folder contains some of the work we have done so far in school that has been marked. Please take time to go through it with your child and look at the amazing work they have done so far this year! Once you have gone through it please sign the front and return the folder with all of the work. It is important that the work comes back to school as we refer to it during the year. At the end of each term, all of the work will go home to stay.

Friday Oct 26, 2018

Next Tuesday we will be finishing our Patterning Unit with a patterning test. The test will consist of number patterns (growing, shrinking and repeating). There will also be some word problems. See examples below if you need examples when practicing.


1, 3, 6, 10, ___, ___, ___ Pattern rule: Increase the number you add by 1 each time

2, 4, 6, 8 Pattern rule: Start at 2 add 2 each time


20, 15, 10, 5 Patterning rule: Start at 20 subtract 5 each time


1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2 Pattern rule: Repeat the core 1, 1, 2

Sample Word Problem:

Mrs. O'Driscoll gives away the same number of stickers each day. On day 1 she has 98 stickers. On day 2 she has 93 stickers. On what day will she have exactly 63 stickers left?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week of Oct 22

Hello Families!

This week is going to be a busy week! Here are a couple reminders

Tuesday: Intramurals are starting today! This is an opportunity for your child to participate in fun games in the gym during break time if they are interested! They must have appropriate shoes (runners).

Wednesday: Picture day! Bring your best smile!

Friday: Scholastic purchasing day! Your child will get a chance to buy any books/items that they saw in the library last week. If you need to know specific prices please be sure to talk to Ms. Grant before Friday!

Please be sure add me to the Remind Ap. The code you need is @kodri


Mrs. O'Driscoll

Week one has passed! It has been a great to get to know all the students in 3-3!

This is just a reminder that this is the last week to order Spirit Wear to make sure to get your orders in!

Hello Grade 3 Families!

I am so excited to be back at school and super eager to continue this school year with your child! There is so much that we will be learning and doing in Grade 3 this year. Be sure to take a couple minutes to explore the website and be sure to check back as it will be added to throughout the year with updates.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions/concerns at odriscollkr@hdsb.ca

Mrs. O'Driscoll